Keep Transit and Growth Mutual

Public transit systems must be closely linked with new development and projections of growth for communities to sustain themselves in a changing environment, according to this op-ed.

"In the fight against greenhouse gases, most of the regulatory attention continues to focus on smokestacks and other 'point' sources in the industrial sector. Government officials often feel helpless to address the portion of emissions that comes from the growing number of car and truck trips."

"In New Jersey, this is a serious problem, since transportation accounts for the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions: Almost 40 percent of greenhouse gases come from cars, trucks and other vehicles, while industry is responsible for 16 percent of emissions, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection."

"Hybrid cars, high-occupancy vehicle lanes, and more-stringent tailpipe emission standards can help, but much more needs to be done. We must plan for increased use of transit by creating places that encourage more zero-car and one-car households and dramatically reduce the number and length of vehicle trips taken by everyone else."

Thanks to Streetsblog

Full Story: We must link growth to public transit



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Any city or other area that thinks that growth and transit planning can be separated is heroically stupid in this age.

Congratulations on a great article.

We in Brisbane, Australia are also beginning to see the value of transit villages. It is a battle to get some Aussies out of their cars and onto good public transport.

Andrew Batts

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