Neighbor Of Thirsty Georgia Faces No Water Restrictions

Droughts are causing many Georgia municipalities to tightly restrict water use, but just across the border in Alabama is a city that has plenty of water to spare.

"In a desert of drought that has engulfed Georgia, Alabama and Florida, heating up a gubernatorial water war, Phenix City is a kind of oasis. Just across the river from Columbus, there are no watering restrictions in the Alabama city of 27,000."

"While Columbus residents are banned from watering everything but food gardens, people in Phenix City are allowed to use the 7 million gallons of water it pumps out of the Chattahoochee River every day for whatever they want."

"In essence, Phenix City's director of utilities Greg Glass said Phenix City's loss of industry has reduced the city's water intake from 12 million gallons to 7 million gallons a day. So they've already cut their water usage significantly, whether they wanted to or not."

"But a funny thing seems to be happening in Phenix City. By most accounts, people are conserving - either because they are confused about the law or they want to be a good Southern citizen."

Full Story: Across river, Phenix City water use unrestricted


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