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The Race To Be The 'Greenest' City

A local columnist touts Sacramento, California, as an up and coming star in the green city movement.

"Austin has music. Seattle has rain. San Diego has bio-technology, and the funny thing about that is the city barely even had any biotech companies when they first stuck a flag in the ground and declared it so. And what happened? The biotech companies followed. Clean technology has now become the Next Big Thing with Portland, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, Boston and others vying for top-dog status. Sacramento's right in the mix, too, with people hyped on the idea that we're poised to become a green hub....In July, a Fast Company magazine report listed Sacramento as a city "on-the-verge" of becoming a green powerhouse worldwide."

" named the California Environmental Protection Agency headquarters building, located on I Street in downtown, as the second-greenest building in the world. Soon, Cal/EPA will be one of dozens of green buildings in Sacramento, as local architects, engineers and developers bone up on the subject.

"You feel good about what we are doing. You feel like you're making some good choices for the town you're living in," said John Thompson, a mechanical engineer with Turley and Associates who is LEED-accredited and signed onto SN&R's green-building project on Del Paso Boulevard (we're renovating a building to become our new office late next year)."

Full Story: Eco-friendly city branding



Sometimes hard to not pollutte

In some cities people want to save fuel stop polluting and atleast take public transportation to work but there is no public transportation or its so bad you can say its close to nothing (Miami is GREAT example)

The citizens arent to blame they just have no choice . Its nice to see some places try to improve things . In NY public transportation was GREAT .
I applaud Bloomberg in Miami its horrible they simply dont care there

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