Traffic Signals That Predict And Prevent Crashes

High-tech traffic signals have been developed that predict and warn drivers of possible collisions.

"Even the most cautious drivers make mistakes. But a new, 'smart' traffic signal could help motorists make better decisions and avoid collisions, especially at intersections that lack lights or signs altogether."

"The smart signal, in development at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, is part of a bigger transportation infrastructure being designed to incorporate computers and automated systems to improve traffic flow and safety. Such a system could work to not only alert individual drivers, but also to prevent accidents and track violations."

"The alert system consists of two standard surveillance cameras, each mounted on a pole at an intersection. One camera faces the main road and the other faces the secondary road. As traffic approaches, the cameras record and send video to a computer at ground level."

"The software automatically projects the cars' trajectories and, based on their speed and direction, calculates the likelihood of a collision."

"If it identifies a risk, red lights on a stop or yield sign will flash."

Full Story: 'Smart' Traffic Signals Save Dumb Drivers


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