Implementing The 'Louisiana Speaks' Plan

After an 18 month process and 27,000 opinions, Louisiana has a plan. Now the hard part begins.

"In May the "Louisiana Speaks" process - 18 months of consultation organized by Calthorpe Associates and Fregonese Calthorpe Associates - concluded after more than 27,000 people voiced their opinions about the state's future. Now the state government is responding."

"The Louisiana Recovery Authority, a state agency, adopted the Louisiana Speaks plan in May. A month later the legislature took the next step, voting to establish a task force to deal with the recommendations."

"A key recommendation is that the state, parish (county), and municipal governments provide much more support for planning than they have in the past. "Prior to Katrina and Rita, the whole concept of planning - of looking strategically at outcomes, other than in transportation - was not a priority," said Boo Thomas, president and CEO of the Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX). "The storms gave us the impetus to look at planning, not just in transportation but also in land use, risk management, economic development, and equity issues.""

Thanks to Gayle Ross

Full Story: Louisiana has spoken: more planning, please


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