Stockholm To Reintroduce Congestion Charge In August

In a September 2006 referendum, Stockholm voters supported a trial period of congestion pricing between January and July 2006. Consequently, the traffic-reducing scheme that charges drivers for entering the city will return in August 2007.

"The tolls - designed to help reduce traffic, noise and pollution - were approved by Stockholm voters in a September referendum. However, the proposal met strong resistance from commuters living in suburbs outside city limits."

Depending upon the time, drivers will pay $1.50 to $2.90 to enter the city.

"The government said the system would be similar to the one introduced on a trial basis between January and July last year. One difference is that charges would be tax-deductible for companies. Public buses and vehicles with disabled tags would be exempt."

"Studies last year showed that weekday traffic dropped by an average of 20 percent during the trial, while pollution decreased 9-14 percent."

"The money raised from the tolls would be used to improve the city's road network."

Thanks to Gladwyn d'Souza via Sierra Club Transportation Forum

Full Story: Stockholm to introduce congestion charge in August


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