Mayor Proposes Compromise Between Disneyland And Housing Development

In the latest turn of events in the battle between Disneyland and a proposed housing development, Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle has stepped in to push the company to reconsider its staunch opposition to allowing housing into its tourist resort area.

"Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle is proposing a holistic review of the city's resort district that includes the possibility of workforce housing."

"He floated a compromise plan a day after the entertainment giant sued the city to block a 1,500-unit condo-apartment project near Disneyland from being reconsidered by the City Council."

"'Compromising the Anaheim Resort Area sets a dangerous precedent that would erode its position as the single largest funding sources for city services such as police and fire protection,' said Rob Doughty, a spokesman for the Disneyland Resort."

"So far, Disney has been unyielding on the housing issue, arguing that injecting it into an area dedicated to tourists and night revelers would be a huge mistake. While Disney has fought the condo and apartment project, which would include 225 low-cost units, it has favored an upscale hotel-condo use."

Full Story: Mayor seeks to end Disney-Anaheim feud


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