California High Speed Rail On Life Support

California's governor supports infrastructure funding and fights global warming, but he has no love for high speed rail. His proposed budget may kill a high speed rail agency, and he wants a $9.95 billion rail bond removed from the 2008 ballot.

"Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposes slashing funding for the High Speed Rail Authority from $14 million to $1.2 million, leaving the group with enough just to keep its doors open."

"With his focus on road building, the governor also wants the Legislature to indefinitely delay a $9.95 billion rail bond slated for the 2008 ballot. That would clear the way for $29 billion in bonds the governor wants to put on the ballot to pay for courthouses, schools and dams -- the second phase of his 'strategic growth plan' that would spend billions of dollars on roads but nothing on high-speed rail."

"Construction costs are estimated to approach $40 billion. But Mehdi Morshed, the High Speed Rail Authority's executive director, said the longer the state waits, the more expensive it will get."

"'There's really no public purpose for me and my staff to be in office unless you want to move forward with the project,' said Morshed, who wants the governor and lawmakers to approve $103 million for the project next year. 'If you don't want to move forward with the project, then close it down and save yourself some money.'"

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Full Story: Bullet train plan may never leave station



We need HSR in the US

This is really sad. This was one place in particular where high speed rail made a ton of sense.

If we are talking about deifying Robert Moses as the NYC exhibits do, high speed rail is one place where a new ironfisted person like Moses could actually do some good.

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