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A New LEED Hub In Las Vegas

An 18 million square-foot hotel and commercial resort in Las Vegas is set to become the largest LEED-certified project in the U.S. when it opens in 2009. Other builders are expected to follow the green path in Nevada, where tax breaks are generous.

"With 18 million square feet of building space, CityCenter will dwarf all LEED-certified structures in the United States to date, bringing more attention to green design and possibly influencing still more architects, contractors and manufacturers."

"CityCenter entered the LEED picture after 2005, when the Nevada Legislature created the nation's only statewide tax abatement program for owners of LEED-certified buildings. The program was applauded as 'radical' by the U.S. Green Building Council, the Washington, D.C., group of builders and designers that created the certification program."

"The legislation allows businesses to cut property taxes 35 percent to 50 percent, depending on a building's features."

"The trend has been so rapid that by the time CityCenter opens its doors in November 2009, state and local officials say most casino companies and other big developers in Las Vegas will be considering, if not building, LEED-certified structures."

Full Story: CityCenter one big green machine



How Green Is Las Vegas?

When you take account of the CO2 generated by your airplane flight to Las Vegas as well as by the buildings you use in Las Vegas, you can see that it is much better for the environment to go to a leaky building in a local resort than to go to a green building in Las Vegas.

Charles Siegel

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