The New Urbanism, Minus The Urban?

A growing number of exclusive gated communities in remote areas, dubbed "The New Ruralism", is raising eyebrows among planners, environmentalists, and local residents.

"Imagine a huge log cabin hugging a mountainside, with horses running past the picturesque red barn. Strategically placed ponderosa pines dot a perpetually green meadow. A stream meanders through. Now what if that picture included a private club, equestrian center, pool, golf course, and wireless internet? What if next door were 30 other faux "western outposts" just like yours? And what if all of you were enclosed within one giant fence with a security gate? Whether this appeals to you or not, brace yourself, because this Disney-esque interpretation of rural living may soon be coming to a countryside near you."

"Unlike its counterpart, New Urbanism (which aims to mimic the compactness, efficiency, and diversity of an old-time city through transit alternatives, mixed-use areas, and mixed-income housing), New Ruralism is heavily dependent on car use and is generally reserved for the rich."

Full Story: Gated Communities Go West



"recreational-industrial complex"

Very interesting take on this issue.

It's sad, these projects are supposed to be the New Urbanist wave of the future, but that label just gives a green light to destructive sprawl.

These developments are 100% phony. And they are chewing up vast swaths of valuable farmland, not to mention scenery.

How hard is it to build a real town?? Or develop within existing towns?? These projects are nothing more than cheesey resort communities.

Wake up America - our landscape is being ravaged.

Vision, not vision statements

How hard is it to build a real town?? Or develop within existing towns??

It's hard when the decision-makers have no vision.



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