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How Gentrification Is Changing Atlanta

"Soft-core urbanism" and gentrification are changing Atlanta's demographics and local politics.

"In-town living. Live-work-play. Mixed income. The buzzwords of soft-core urbanism are everywhere these days in this eternally optimistic city, used in real estate advertisements and mayoral boasts to lure money from the suburbs and to keep young people from leaving.... But although gentrification has expanded the city's tax base and weeded out blight, it has had an unintended effect on Atlanta, long a lure to African-Americans and a symbol of black success. For the first time since the 1920's, the black share of the city's population is declining and the white percentage is on the rise. The change has introduced an element of uncertainty into local politics..."

Full Story: Gentrification Changing Face of New Atlanta



Irvin Dawid's picture

Gentrification or investment and racial integration

"Non-Hispanic blacks", as the census refers to African-Americans, continue to be a majority (54% from 67% in 1990),so I would think that the racial integration resulting from so-called 'gentrification' (could it not be called 'investment'?)may in fact be a good thing.

In addition - what happens as a result of traffic congestion? It incentivizes city-centered growth (new residents seek to avoid long commutes from outlying areas)....another reason to place scarce transportation $ into public transit rather than sprawl-causing highways....

Just my opinions....

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