Tunnel Would Spark Seattle Waterfront Rebirth

Although more expensive, replacing a critical yet obsolete viaduct with a tunnel would leave the most room for development.

The "question [is] what to do to replace Highway 99, the earthquake-damaged Alaskan Way Viaduct, along its waterfront run through downtown."

"At least two options -- the tunnel or a replacement elevated, double-decker freeway -- would doubtless be on the ballot. Hopefully, the City Council will include a third optionâ€"leaving Highway 99 at grade in the form of a waterfront boulevard. That's what San Francisco did, to widespread acclaim, when a 1989 earthquake destroyed the similar Embarcadero Freeway.
Of the three options, oddly enough, I agree for once with the developer-driven agenda of Mayor Greg Nickels, who has pushed hard for the tunnel. Nickels wants one of the country's most vibrant and attractive downtowns to have the crowning jewel it could have but now lacks: a real waterfront. He's right."

Full Story: Build the Tunnel



Seattle Tunnel Would Blight Pike Place Mkt and Pioneer Square

This article doesn't mention that the current tunnel proposal would blight Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, as detailed in http://www.planetizen.com/node/18912

Charles Siegel

Correction about Seattle Tunnel

I contacted this columnist, and he said that, if Seattle residents voted more money for it, the tunnel could be longer and could avoid blighting Pike Place and Pioneer Square. There is no final proposal for the tunnel yet.

He also said that, if there were not extra money allocated to avoid Pike Place and Pioneer Square, that would color his view of the tunnel proposal.

Charles Siegel

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