Philadelphia Redesigns Public Housing

Philadelphis is attempting to reduce concentrations of poverty and increase property values through the development of suburban style homes. But is following this national trend right for the city of brotherly love and its most needy residents?

Citing, Bruce Katz; The Reinvestment Fund's Jeremy Nowak; Harvard's Howard Husock; PHA Executive Director, Carl R. Greene; Mayor John F. Street, and neighborhood residents, Larry Eichel examines the pros and cons of this equitable development strategy.

"Throughout the city, over the last 10 years, the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) has demolished old projects and built new communities, with an impact that can be felt citywide...While the new housing is universally considered a vast improvement over the old, the change is not without its critics. They say, among other things, that the new housing costs too much to build, that it looks too suburban, and that not enough of it is available to the people who need it most."

Thanks to Benjamin Cromie

Full Story: Rising from Ruins


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