Bad Plans, Visual Blight In Downtown Cleveland

Some plans are so bad they deserve to die on the drawing board, complains columnist Steve Litt about a new plan to speed traffic through Cleveland's downtown inner belt.

A recently proposed plan would "replace the existing ramp south of Carnegie Avenue and thereby speed the flow of southbound traffic from Ontario onto the westbound lanes of the I-90 bridge at rush hour, when tie-ups are now the rule...

The goal is understandable, but the proposal is a nightmare. It would vandalize the city's half-billion- dollar sports complex as effectively as an army of graffiti art ists with spray cans.

...Visual blight such as this can kill a city as quickly as any other urban pathology - in which case, traffic would be the least of Cleveland's problems."

Thanks to ArchNewsNow

Full Story: A new, well-planned Inner Belt deserves the state's creativity


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