Do Landscape Architects Ignore The Real World?

A criticism of some trends in landscape architecture.

"When you’ve worked with a few [landscape architects], you learn that there are some who understand that they’re working with land, not just rooms without ceilings, and some who, apparently, don’t.
... Landscape architects who concentrate on “hardscape” the detriment of actual plants might be doing architecture, but aren’t landscaping. Some seem to think that beneath them...

All this happens in an atmosphere of disregard for the real world..the sloppy use of [terms like] “open space” and “parks” to make golf courses and soccer fields seem equivalent to actual wildlands...

And we pretend that all green things are if a plant were merely an ornament and not home and sustenance for its own unique wild community."

Thanks to Bird to the North

Full Story: Landscaping Fails When it Disregards the Real World


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