Dublin's High-Density Future

Historic Dublin is feeling pressure to increase density. Will Dubliners end up living in high-rise city center towers?

"The authorities seem to agree that the addition of towers to a historical city such as Dublin needs careful planning, yet will that happen in practice? This planning needs to take in the city as a whole. While tall buildings will help to house a fair number of people, these alone can't solve the housing needs of our growing population.

...To meet their housing needs requires higher densities of building in the urban fabric, both in the centre of Dublin but also on the outer reaches where there can be as few as six dwellings per acre. The question for a city facing the prospect of tall towers is "who is responsible for them?" Will it be down to developers to propose certain schemes or authorities to plan carefully and choose who will design the buildings?"

Thanks to Chris Steins

Full Story: Towers on the rise in Dublin


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