Land Use

Palo Alto, one of the suburban cities at the center of the Silicon Valley tech boom, is considering a Comprehensive Plan Update. On the table for the Planning and Transportation Commission: a "net-zero" restriction for new vehicle trips.
19 hours ago   Palo Alto Weekly
Among the installations at the Ecological Urbanism exhibit at Harvard's Graduate School of Design is a collection of smells from 200 Mexico City neighborhoods.
Apr 19, 2009   The Boston Globe
The United Arab Emirates has plenty of tall, flashy buildlings, but the rush to build has largely left street life scarce in many parts.
Apr 18, 2009   The National (Abu Dhabi)
A stalled and abandoned development along the Florida coast is being scouted by the Trust for Public Land as a possible site for "un-development" -- a return to its natural state as open space.
Apr 17, 2009   Los Angeles Times
A Washington, D.C. entertainment district was meant to follow the construction of a baseball stadium, but, for now, the area is victim to overly ambitious plans to develop as quickly as possible.
Apr 17, 2009   The Washington Post
According to this article, community gardens can reinvent struggling neighborhoods by causing its residents to "band together."
Apr 16, 2009   Chicago Tribune
The old saying is that he who has the gold, rules. The fact that Orange County motorists have a toll road carving through a magnificent canyon while rich folks in Malibu get to live next to scenic hillsides proves the rule, writes Bill Fulton.
Apr 16, 2009   California Planning & Development Report
During a round table discussion between four of Toronto's most prominent architects conclude that the city's planning, deemed dysfunctional by one, falls short.
Apr 16, 2009   Toronto Star
An antiquated set of zoning laws has been at the heart of a debate between preservationists and developers in Oakland for years, though a compromise in the form of new zoning rules may be in the city's near future.
Apr 15, 2009   San Francisco Chronicle
Portland urban designer Arun Jain has released his Urban Design Framework, a vision that requires planners to give themselves more leeway "without giving up core values."
Apr 15, 2009   Daily Journal of Commerce
It’s always tempting returning from a vacation to a foreign country to come to conclusions about how that society works. This isn’t entirely a bad thing- after all, exposure to different ways of life are mind-expanding and suggest new possibilities. My first trip to Rome redefined the way I think of public space, and set me on a path  leading to a career in urban planning. Along the Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto. Opinion
Apr 15, 2009   By Tim Halbur