Land Use

September 2, 2004, 1pm PDT
Infill development is a great concept, but obstacles can make it difficult, and more expensive.
New Mexico Business Journal
September 1, 2004, 12pm PDT
Erosion undercuts the safety of oceanfront rentals.
NBC4.TV News
September 1, 2004, 10am PDT
More companies are moving to inner cities to benefit from the advantages they offer.
USA Today
August 31, 2004, 12pm PDT
Controversy surrounds planned Muslim enclave in Little Rock, Arkansas.
FOX News
August 31, 2004, 5am PDT
A new report and survey attempts to quantify the loss of distinctive town character in Britian.
New Haven Advocate
August 30, 2004, 1pm PDT
If Portland and Houston are two extremes for planning, Lincoln, Nebraska is squarely in the middle, say observers.
Lincoln Journal Star
August 30, 2004, 9am PDT
Dozens of presentations from several workshop on developing smart growth zoning codes are published by the LGC.
Local Government Commission
August 30, 2004, 8am PDT
Is smart growth more about nostalgia and less about reality?
Anchorage Daily News
August 29, 2004, 9am PDT
Author David Oates walks along the Portland metro area's urban growth boundary.
The Oregonian
August 28, 2004, 1pm PDT
A regional advisory agency in Chicago advises local governments that traffic calming measures are not always the best approach to slowing traffic.
The Chicago Tribune
August 28, 2004, 5am PDT
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (District 3, Oregon), discusses the significance of holding the nation's preeminent transportation and land use conference in Southern California.
The Planning Report
August 27, 2004, 10am PDT
The City Council of Mission, KS, unanimously passed zoning ordinance amendments which include more stringent controls on any potential big-box development within its downtown corridor.
The Kansas City Star
August 27, 2004, 5am PDT
A community in Southern California is divided over whether to be recognized as "little India."
The Los Angeles Times
August 26, 2004, 7am PDT
The Building Industry Association makes the case for a more moderate solution instead of inclusionary zoning: "Housing Incentive Zones."
The Planning Report
August 25, 2004, 9am PDT
Newsweek columnist Anna Quindlen shares her perspective on one of the greatest crisis facing the nation: sprawl.
August 24, 2004, 2pm PDT
How Toronto's greenbelt idea evaporated.
The Toronto Star
August 24, 2004, 11am PDT
Bus service to Fairfield High School is eliminated due to budget cuts and local police advise students not to attempt to walk to school.
The Cincinnati Enquirer
August 24, 2004, 9am PDT
Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry reflects on the ongoing renaissance in downtown L.A. as well as the challenges that remain.
The Planning Report
August 22, 2004, 1pm PDT
Builders are experimenting with new ways to include retail in the crowded urban world.
The New York Times
August 22, 2004, 5am PDT
Regulations recommended by Mission planners Monday may discourage plans to turn the Mission Center Mall into a Wal-Mart Supercenter.
The Kansas City Star