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The SF Examiner reports on America's top-rated bike lane, as rated by People for Bikes. The protected contraflow lane runs from Market Street to Grove Street, all of two blocks; only one block in opposite direction is separated
13 hours ago   San Francisco Examiner
<em>Toronto Star</em> architecture critic Christopher Hume blasts the city's lackluster bicycle planning efforts, calling them disjointed.
Aug 10, 2010   The Toronto Star
East London is the home of the city's poorest and most overlooked neighborhoods. It's also home to the site of the 2012 Summer Olympics, which officials hope will revive the struggling area.
Aug 10, 2010   CTV
State and municipal governments across the United States are facing an unprecedented financial crisis, prompting many of them to cut back drastically on public services in order to reduce costs.
Aug 9, 2010   New York Times
Born from the 1968 riots, a carefully planned community in France has been steadily taken over by crime and unrest, prompting some to question whether its utopian ideals actually work.
Aug 9, 2010   The New York Times
After years of preparation, San Francisco has implemented a new system that will adjust the price of parking spots according to supply and demand.
Aug 9, 2010   Good
Senator Dodd's Livable Communities Act passed a milestone on August 3 by passing the Banking Committee on a party line vote: 12-10. Known as a "smart growth planning" bill, it would integrate transportation with housing and economic planning.
Aug 9, 2010   Mobilizing the Region
A 4-year legal battle over whether SF's bike plan was in compliance with the state's environmental law has been settled - the city has the go-ahead to resume planning and implementing new bike facilities designed to increase bike riding.
Aug 9, 2010   San Francisco Chronicle
An all-star panel of architects, developers and journalists convened to offer advice to L.A.'s new planning director.
Aug 6, 2010   California Planning & Development Report
The gas tax is being spread too thin on a broad range of transportation projects, according to the <em>Reason Foundation</em>. They say the gas-tax should be directed towards its original recipient: highways.
Aug 6, 2010   Reason
An environmental impact study will be launched to look at a possible 9.3-mile light rail line in Detroit. <em>Time</em>'s blog questions whether it's really such a smart move to build the line.
Aug 6, 2010   Time