The state that bears the same name as the river that provides water for much of the western United States is also the last state in the country to ban the use of residential water barrels.
Yesterday   American Rivers
New research from the University of Cincinnati shows that nearly a third of U.S. schools are located within a quarter-mile of major highways, posing a significant air pollution threat to students.
Aug 20, 2008   University Of Cincinnati
A city in the midst of a revitalization effort has targeted landscape designs allegedly aimed at spiting the neighbors.
Aug 18, 2008   Dallas Morning News
Homeowner Associations have traditionally frowned on eco-friendly additions such as clotheslines. Recent legal challenges may change the rules.
Aug 18, 2008   AlterNet
Despite improved air quality, China says it has no plans to continue the car control measures it has enacted during the Olympics to clean the city's air.
Aug 18, 2008   Reuters
In a much discussed speech, ‘A Generational Challenge to Repower America,' Al Gore challenged America to hit the off-switch on Blog Post
Aug 17, 2008   By Mike Lydon
Boise considers resurrecting their streetcar system after an 80 year absence.
Aug 15, 2008   The Boise Weekly
In British Columbia, a proposal to require all new buildings to be carbon-neutral is being considered. The rule would require that buildings have no carbon footprint by 2020.
Aug 15, 2008   The Globe and Mail
An unusual coalition of environmentalists, builders,and city leaders announced their support for a controversial land use and transportation bill that aims to involve the CA Air Resources Board in setting reduction targets.
Aug 13, 2008   Capitol Weekly
The public has relegated global warming well behind other issues, including high energy prices. This article examines the role of environmental groups in this backslide as the public warms to more drilling to reduce gas prices.
Aug 12, 2008   Politico
Upkeep and Water Consumption Prompt Reviews of the Esthetics of Faux Turf
Aug 12, 2008   The Los Angeles Times