A group that coined the term, "stack and pack" to deride density and its role in reducing carbon emissions lost in court when the judge rejected their argument that only technological improvements in cars and fuels were necessary to reduce emissions.
Yesterday   San Francisco Chronicle
<p>A California man reduced his waste to zero, so he canceled his garbage collection. But garbage collection is required in his city, so the local government is suing.</p>
Feb 4, 2008   The Examiner
<p>A new regional planning idea is looking to reduce energy use and greenhouse emissions.</p>
Feb 3, 2008   New Urban News
<p>Sustainability is catching on in more cities than New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Ventura City Manager Rick Cole explains how his city's land use practice can impact California's climate change efforts.</p>
Feb 3, 2008   VerdeXchange News
<p>The world's largest low emission zone will come into effect next week in London.</p>
Feb 2, 2008   Reuters via Environmental News Network
<p>As a part of its special series of reports on the Alberta tar sands, the Globe &amp; Mail outlines the extreme environmental impacts of the development.</p>
Feb 2, 2008   The Globe and Mail
<p>Los Angeles, Portland, and New York City provide interesting case studies into the ways that city governments are building a more sustainable life for their residents.</p>
Feb 1, 2008   The Planning Report
<p>A recent report argues that for developing countries, improving environmental health is dependent on improving economic health. But proper governing is crucial in meeting these ends.</p>
Feb 1, 2008   The Economist
<p>The long-standing recycling center adjacent to Kezar Stadium at the edge of Golden Gate Park is seen by many neighbors to be an attraction for the homeless who raid their recycling bins.</p>
Feb 1, 2008   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Waterfree urinals are a sterling example of the benefits offered by new technology. Forged from a partnership between manufacturers and labor groups, waterfree urinals save 6 billion gallons of water a year from the Rose Bowl to the Taj Mahal.</p>
Feb 1, 2008   VerdeXchange News
<p>Climate change is throwing a wrench into the gears of many preservation efforts.</p>
Jan 31, 2008   The New York Times