One of the first things researchers noticed when nighttime images from the Suomi NPP satellite were beamed back to Earth: the planet's ambient lighting changes drastically during certain holidays, like Christmas and Ramadan.
1 hour ago   Vox
<p>The developer of the Tejon Ranch agreed to a plan to put permanent conservation easements on almost 375 square miles of ranch lands and wilderness 60 miles north of Los Angeles, in exchange for rights to develop 10 percent of its land holdings.</p>
May 9, 2008   The New York Times
<p>Transit operators around the country are looking at ways to make taking public transportation even more environmentally friendly.</p>
May 9, 2008   USA Today
<p>Builders and planners are gathering in Detroit to discuss funding options for brownfield redevelopment and learn from region's experience transforming these community eyesores.</p>
May 9, 2008   By Christian Madera
<p>Water shortages have hammered the Atlanta region. But despite the drought, one real estate developer is planning to build a huge water park.</p>
May 8, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>With 70 percent of its waste already diverted from landfills, San Francisco continues to push forward with new laws and programs to increase recycling.</p>
May 8, 2008   The New York Times
<p>The City of Portland joins Davis, California, as the only other city to earn the League of American Bicyclists' Platinum rating.</p>
May 8, 2008   The Oregonian
<p>Environmentalists say laws have yet to catch up with greener fuel alternatives for cars.</p>
May 8, 2008   The Los Angeles Times
With climate change on the mind of the world's policy makers, the auto-oriented design of our cities has been singled out as a major culprit -- and understandably so. Cars burn a lot of fossil fuel, so getting people to walk, bike and use public transportation more would help cut down on pollution and green house gases. But how to get people out of their cars? The key, many agree, is to redesign cities. Right now cities are designed for people moving around in their cars, so it's unreasonable to expect people to use any other means of transportation. Opinion
May 7, 2008   By Christian Madera
<p>Cairo's first new green space in more than 100 years has opened -- on top of a 500-year old garbage dump.</p>
May 7, 2008   NPR
<p>In an incredible recycling operation that reduces global warming, a waste hauler is building a facility to produce Liquefied Natural Gas from methane emitted from its California landfill to fuel its garbage trucks.</p>
May 7, 2008   The Sacramento Bee