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Huge Jump In CO2 Emissions Reported For 2010

As delegates from 191 nations gather in Durban, South Africa to tackle climate change, a new report shows the largest increase in carbon emissions, and the greatest percentage increase since 2003. Coal combustion accounts for more than half the gain.

"Emissions rose 5.9 percent in 2010, according to an analysis released Sunday by the Global Carbon Project, an international collaboration of scientists tracking the numbers...The growth rate in the 1990s was closer to 1 percent yearly.

In the United States, emissions dropped by a remarkable 7 percent in the recession year of 2009, but rose by just over 4 percent last year, the new analysis shows."

By comparison, China, which surpassed the U.S. several years ago as the world's top emitter, increased emissions by 10.4%.

Fifty-seven percent of the increase in emissions comes from the developing world. However, the researchers were quick to point out that the increase was largely due to burgeoning energy-intensive manufacturing of goods imported by wealthy nations - pointing to a reason for developed nations, who may have spent vast sums to increase energy efficiency and reduce coal consumption, to retain their manufacturing sector.

"Scientists say the rapid growth of emissions is warming the Earth, threatening the ecology and putting human welfare at long-term risk."

One researcher's outlook was grim: "There's no evidence that this trajectory we've been following the last 10 years is going to change", remarked Glen P. Peters of the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo and a leader of the group that produced the new analysis.

Full Story: 2010 Carbon Dioxide Output Shows Biggest Jump Ever



The challenge of reducing CO2 emissions in big cities

The challenge of reducing CO2 emissions also takes place at city level. With the growing urbanisation of people across the world, and more people in cities than rural areas for the first time in history(10% of the global population live in only100 cities), cities are required to take a lead , since "global has become local".

Have a look at “Addressing Climate Change at Local level” post (http://www.blog.urbact.eu/?p=1023) on URBACT blog. URBACT (http://urbact.eu/) is a European programme gathering 300 European cities in multiple urban projects.
This post has been written by Matthew Noon, Lead Partner of EVUE project -Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe- (http://urbact.eu/en/projects/low-carbon-urban-environments/evue/homepage/).

Capital cities such as London, Lisbon or Stockholm are involved in EVUE to collaborate on strategies to integrate and develop the use of electro vehicles.

For more information :

- EVUE website: http://urbact.eu/en/projects/low-carbon-urban-environments/evue/homepage/

- URBACT blog:http://www.blog.urbact.eu/

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