Unusually scarce precipitation last winter has left little snow on the mountains, endangering a key California water reserve.
15 hours ago   KPCC
According to the Census Bureau, the United States will have over 400 million people by 2040. How will population growth – 100 million more Americans over the next three decades – impact the quality of your environment? The answer will depend on the choices we make as a society, says James A. LaGro, Jr. Exclusive
Jan 19, 2009  By James A. LaGro Jr.
An exhibition in Houston organized by the Center for Land Use Interpretation looks at how the oil industry has transformed the landscape of Texas.
Jan 17, 2009   The Blaffer Gallery
The master plan for Salem, Oregon's Pringle Creek Community is ambitious, says Jim Fitzsimons, incorporating mixed-use, sustainable development with the community-enhancing aspects of old city neighborhoods.
Jan 17, 2009   Terrain.org: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments
UC Davis Professor Daniel Sperling, a transportation expert and member of CA's ARB has co-written "Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability". In this radio interview, Sperling describes cleaner auto technologies but dismisses transit's role.
Jan 16, 2009   NPR: 'Fresh Air'
Alex Steffen of WorldChanging looks at the Obama administration's moves towards funding more highways, the appointment of Ray LaHood, and argues that we can do much better.
Jan 16, 2009   WorldChanging
A proposed bridge going over the Columbia River in the Portland-Vancouver area may be able to power itself with wind turbines integrated right onto the design.
Jan 15, 2009   OregonLive
Due to consumers cutting back, the global market for recyclables has collapsed and even begun to cost some cities' recycling programs.
Jan 15, 2009   The Christian Science Monitor
Interactive maps of Manhattan from 1865 and 2008 are overlayed in this piece from <em>The New York Moon</em> that discusses the history of the island's waterways.
Jan 15, 2009   The New York Moon
One of the largest and most complex river restorations in the West, on the San Joaquin River, should pass the Senate later this week- but not without controversy.
Jan 14, 2009   The Modesto Bee
Environmentalists have stalled the development of a third runway at Heathrow Airport by buying the land first.
Jan 14, 2009   CNN