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Construction began July 16 on the Petra Nova project, 27 miles from Houston. President Obama and many climate experts are banking on CCS to mitigate carbon emissions from the world's largest source of carbon emissions: coal burning power plants.
3 hours ago   Reuters
Its present form taken only 36 years ago with the amalgamation of 12 municipalities, Winnipeg has still to evolve an "urban culture", argues Nick Ternette.
Aug 24, 2008   The Winnipeg Free Press
This article from <em>Developer</em> looks at five cities that are dealing creatively with their foreclosure and abandonment problems.
Aug 23, 2008   Developer
Osama bin Laden's brother has announced plans to build the world's longest suspension bridge, connecting Africa and Arabia, and building two state-of-the-art cities at each end -- a project that is expected to cost upwards of $200 billion.
Aug 23, 2008   The Independent
This article from the <em>BBC</em> looks at the new face of bridge development and argues that crossing rivers is no longer the main reason they're built.
Aug 21, 2008   BBC
The non-profit group Nuestras Raíces in Holyoke, Mass. has found urban agriculture a powerful community glue, providing increased food security and economic opportunity to the Puerto Rican population there.
Aug 20, 2008   The Atlantic
With the price of food climbing, some families in the U.K. are taking to keeping small Dexter cows.
Aug 19, 2008   The Sunday Times
The economic boost expected from Olympics-related tourism has fallen way short of predictions in Beijing. Many business people blame the government's stringent visa-granting policies.
Aug 19, 2008   The Christian Science Monitor
A powerful Harlem church that has expanded its reach into local real estate development is coming under fire from locals who say their projects are damaging Harlem's small-town character and encouraging gentrification.
Aug 19, 2008   The New York Times
Officials in Abilene, Texas, are trying to pass an electronic sign ordinance "proactively" but are facing great resistance, as has been the case for other cities.
Aug 18, 2008   Abilene Reporter-News
Not every story of urban neighborhood revival involves grand architectural visions, elegant master-planning or even gentrification. Sometimes, a neighborhood can be improved just by diligently matching up potential homeowners with houses that otherwise would be abandoned, and developers with empty lots, says architect Michael Poris. Exclusive
Aug 18, 2008  By Michael Poris