Community / Economic Development

September 1, 2002, 1pm PDT
The Town Paper profiles Laurie Volk, an expert in determining the market position for new urbanist communities.
The Town Paper
September 1, 2002, 9am PDT
Glendale has finally won the fight for the stadium for the Arizona Cardinals. But was it worth the civic carnage and lost planning opportunities?
The Arizona Republic
August 31, 2002, 7am PDT
With affluent suburbs and declining cities, can Hartford recover?
The New York Times
August 28, 2002, 11am PDT
A former city manager and current real estate developer discusses the development trade-offs California cities face stemming from Prop. 13.
The Planning Report
August 27, 2002, 12pm PDT
Amisdt the nation's wealthiest state, Hartford struggles as one of its worst cities.
The New York Times
August 26, 2002, 11am PDT
The San Francisco Chronicle examines the challenges facing two communities in Oakland, CA as they try to improve.
The San Francisco Chronicle
August 24, 2002, 7am PDT
The fight to stop the Thames flooding -- blamed on rising sea levels -- will cost London £4bn($6bn/E6.3bn).
BBC News
August 23, 2002, 9am PDT
Faced with strong competition from other gambling venues, Atlantic City is embarking on a massive building boom. Welcome to Vegas East.
The Christian Science Monitor
August 22, 2002, 11am PDT
Blight turns old industrial properties into just the right places for visual artists to gather and ignite energy.
The Baltimore Sun
August 21, 2002, 12pm PDT
City works with community leaders to create vibrant multi-cultural mecca at the heart of Rochester's booming Latino community.
Rochester Democrat And Chronicle
August 21, 2002, 6am PDT
Westwood Village in West Los Angeles is adjacent to UCLA and the city's most affluent neighborhoods. Yet it can't seem to succeed. Why?
The Los Angeles Times
August 20, 2002, 1pm PDT
Despite intensive local and national marketing of Detroit's sports and entertainment district, economic pessimism overshadows the opening of the new Ford Field.
The Detroit Free Press
August 20, 2002, 8am PDT
The City of Phoenix hopes to create a culturally mixed, active urban environment from oft vacant, but historic neighborhoods in onetime proposed stadium site.
The Arizona Republic
August 20, 2002, 6am PDT
Suburban areas without a traditional downtown seek to fill void.
The Boston Globe
August 20, 2002, 5am PDT
The transformed Lapham Park public housing project is an example of what good design based on New Urbanist principles can do.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
August 19, 2002, 7am PDT
Official say plans to rebuild the site of the World Trade Center have been expanded to all of downtown.
The New York Times
August 18, 2002, 5am PDT
What makes a city competitive? The people of Louisville and Jefferson County are asking that question as they prepare for the nation's largest consolidation in more than 20 years.
Smart Growth America
August 16, 2002, 10am PDT
A coalition will focus on using a land trust to create a string of small parts throughout Los Angeles in low-income areas.
The Los Angeles Times
August 16, 2002, 6am PDT
$200 million state of the art aquarium to be built next to Centennial Olympic Park
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
August 14, 2002, 10am PDT
Johannesburg's Alexandra township, densely populated and economically depressed, is undergoing rejuvenation.
BBC News