Community / Economic Development

What's better than a great plaza in the summer? Some compelling public art to go along with it.
Yesterday   PlaceShakers
Looking into a future gone increasingly urban, the professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers has made a list of the ten cities or urban areas that will be the richest in 2020.
Sep 16, 2008   Financial Times
This article from <em>The New York Times</em> contrasts the rapid development of cities like Beijing and Dubai, while New Orleans continues to struggle in its Hurricane Katrina recovery effort.
Sep 16, 2008   The New York Times
Starbucks stores have seen a lot of protests. Due to its international brand recognition, the chain became an easy mark for activists looking to draw media attention to concerns from genetic Opinion
Sep 16, 2008   By Jess Zimbabwe
Religious leaders In the Williamsburg Hasidic community are calling for a ban on bike lanes in their neighborhood because of bikers passing through in revealing clothing. One Hasid says, "It bothers me, and it bothers a lot of people."
Sep 15, 2008   NY Post
The issue of population growth and its impact on society has been a taboo for decades. Neal Peirce jumps head first into this thorny issue.
Sep 14, 2008
The Cambodian city of Siem Reap is a hotbed of tourist activity -- and of tacky hotels. Many say this sprawl of hotels is a major problem in the city, but new designs are making the city a cooler place to visit and live.
Sep 13, 2008   The Phnom Penh Post
Philadelphia is still trying to figure out where to put its two approved casinos as it prepares to become the nation's biggest city to host gambling. In this piece, Inga Saffron says a new proposed site could make gambling work for Philly.
Sep 13, 2008   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Outsourcing work to China has gotten costlier due to increasing fuel and labor costs. As a result, some American companies are pondering a return to Mexico to manufacture their goods instead.
Sep 12, 2008   The Christian Science Monitor
Despite controversy over its funding,location and impact, the Florida Marlins are likely to build a new retractable-roof stadium on the former site of the Orange Bowl in the city's Little Havana neighborhood.
Sep 12, 2008   Miami Herald
Large shopping centers across the country have grown in quantity and size for years, but developers say that overbuilding may now be a problem.
Sep 11, 2008   The Wall Street Journal