Community / Economic Development

April 12, 2003, 9am PDT
Livable Places offers a fact sheet showing how the financial burden of owning a car may preclude homeownership.
Livable Places
April 10, 2003, 5am PDT
Proposed Arizona legislation to limit eminent domain would protect property rights but force cities to find other ways of acquiring land.
The Arizona Republic
April 9, 2003, 12pm PDT
The northern New Jersey suburb of Englewood provides a case study of how redevelopment has succeeded.
The New York Times
April 9, 2003, 10am PDT
Three years after Pacific Bell Park opened, the surrounding neighborhood is still trying to build a solid economic foothold.
The San Francisco Chronicle
April 9, 2003, 6am PDT
A new report examines the relationship between cities' decisions regardingland redevelopment and their underlying fiscal structures.
The Brookings Institution
April 8, 2003, 7am PDT
This new study reports on the results of an extensive survey of state legislative and program initiatives that can boost cities' to redevelop vacant and abandoned properties.
The Brookings Institution
April 8, 2003, 6am PDT
Neal Peirce says that youth can help in the search for regional solutions.
Citistates Group
April 7, 2003, 2pm PDT
Rome rekindles the economic potential of the river Tiber.
The Independent
April 7, 2003, 11am PDT
Approximately 1,000 members of Los Angeles' burgeoning system of neighborhood councils met for their twice-yearly congress.
The Los Angeles Times
April 7, 2003, 9am PDT
In a rare study that uses specific employment data, researchers in Ohio found that economic development incentives have very little effect on job creation.
Journal Of Regional Science
April 7, 2003, 6am PDT
Economics and gentrification is causing the extinction of local movies houses.
The New York Times
April 6, 2003, 9am PDT
Carol Schatz discusses Los Angeles' new downtown development strategy.
The Planning Report
April 6, 2003, 7am PDT
Buffalo's New World Street Market aims to improve life on the West Side one street at a time.
April 4, 2003, 1pm PST
Illinois' Campaign for Sensible Growth releases the final report of the Winnebago County Balanced Growth Initiative.
Campaign For Sensible Growth
April 3, 2003, 1pm PST
Campaigns for SLOB (Support Locally Owned Businesses) seem to be growing. Arizona is the latest example.
The Arizona Republic
April 2, 2003, 6am PST
California is negotiating to provide local governments more control over Indian casino development.
California Planning and Development Report
March 31, 2003, 7am PST
Jersy City is hip and prospering.
The New York Times
March 28, 2003, 8am PST
The Iraq War and homeland security concerns are expected to strain the budgets of cash-strapped U.S. states and cities.
March 27, 2003, 11am PST
Real estate in some parts of Kabul now is higher per square foot than in downtown Dallas.
Urban Land Magazine
March 27, 2003, 7am PST
New rules require extra environmental justice review for projects planned in low-income, minority areas.
Times Union