Community / Economic Development

Casinos in Atlantic City are closing quickly, costing the local economy 5,700 jobs and leaving the city with four large, empty buildings of a variety that offers little or no precedent for reuse.
2 hours ago   Philadelphia Inquirer
A melting economy and struggling suburbs may mean it's time to reconsider how we model our cities and development patterns, according to this column.
Oct 23, 2008   Chicago Tribune
The problems of today's inner cities and the problems of the suburbs are inextricably linked, says William E. Finley, author of <em>Curing Urbanitis.</em> Exclusive
Oct 23, 2008  By William E. Finley
Vancouver Olympic officials have announced that temporary Olympic housing units will be reused as permanent affordable housing after the Games.
Oct 22, 2008   The Province
Senator Obama seems to be more "responsive" to cities' needs, while Senator McCain's focus is largely on cutting taxes to restore jobs and business.
Oct 22, 2008   Philadelphia Daily News
Olafur Eliasson’s "Waterfalls" public art installations around New York Harbor's waterfront generated an estimated economic impact of $69 million, exceeding the initial estimate of $55 million.
Oct 22, 2008   The New York Times
A new piece of legislation rewards local governments in California that build affordable housing with money to build and maintain parks.
Oct 22, 2008   Marketwatch
Critic John King says three new housing projects in San Francisco go beyond the goal of shelter, creating fun, attractive environments.
Oct 22, 2008   San Francisco Chronicle
China's government has announced major changes in property rights for farmers, giving them the ability to 'lease, exchange, or swap' their plots.
Oct 21, 2008   The New York Times
Joel Kotkin thinks that the effects of the financial crisis may not be all bad, and may even encourage a new focus on family and community ties.
Oct 20, 2008   newgeography
Martin H. Krieger compares the lack of oversight involved in today's financial crisis with the transparency and responsibility involved in making bridges. Exclusive
Oct 20, 2008  By Martin H. Krieger