Richard Florida joins the chorus calling for the United Nations to make “cities the centerpiece of its forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals.”
2 days ago   Atlantic Cities
This Canadian documentary explores the emerging revolution in human powered transportation [Video].
Oct 20, 2009   CBC
A review of a new book <em>Building Commons and Community</em> by Karl Linn, a landscape architect and psychologist who worked to create vibrant community spaces in abandoned lots and boring institutional settings.
Aug 30, 2009   re:place Magazine
Focusing on aspects like earning potential and lifestyle cost, a consulting group has determined the 20 best Canadian cities for young people.
Jul 30, 2009   The Vancouver Sun
In the cold climes of Canada, parking lots come equipped with 120-volt outlets to keep engine blocks warm. Planners see these outlets as a stepping stone to a future of electric cars for the country.
Jul 16, 2009   The Vancouver Sun
Cities are warming up to the idea that planning for the future means more car sharing programs and fewer parking spaces.
Jun 13, 2009   The New York Times
Arthur Erickson, one of Canada's most renowned architects, has passed away at age 84.
May 24, 2009   The Globe and Mail
In his new book 'Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller' economist Jeff Rubin describes how 'peak oil' will reverse globalization, revitalize cities and reinvigorate Canada's manufacturing base.
May 20, 2009   The Globe and Mail
City councillors in Ottawa, Canada are caught up in a convoluted struggle over their ability to control the region's urban growth boundary.
May 14, 2009   The Ottawa Citizen
Economists worry that Vancouver's tumbling housing market is an indication that Canadians could see a dramatic -- and long-lasting -- decline in the value of their homes.
Apr 25, 2009   Macleans
U.S. states and officials are looking North to Canada where public-private partnerships have successfully funded infrastructure projects for years in British Columbia.
Apr 21, 2009   The Christian Science Monitor