September 18, 2001, 8am PDT
CNN reports that one of the suspected terrorists in the September 11 attack studied urban planning in Hamburg, Germany.
September 18, 2001, 7am PDT
If World Trade Center is not rebuilt, what should go in its place?
Dallas News
September 18, 2001, 5am PDT
Philip Johnson, Robert A.M. Stern, Peter Eisenman, Richard Meier and others express their thoughts on whether the World Trade Center towers should be rebuilt.
The New York Times
September 17, 2001, 2pm PDT
Researchers in the U.K. have developed wind-turbines that could be integrated into buildings. Experts say the innovative concept could be a "new paradigm" as the demand for renewable energy grows.
September 17, 2001, 11am PDT
The entertainment industry is in a quandry -- do they remove the twin towers from their television and movie skylines?
Wall St. Journal
September 17, 2001, 8am PDT
Architecture represents powerful symbolic meanings. This article discusses the architecture of the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon and comments on why architecture is often destroyed for political purposes.
The Washington Post
September 17, 2001, 7am PDT
James Howard Kunstler and Nikos A. Salingaros argue that the age of skyscrapers is at an end.
September 17, 2001, 5am PDT
What are the structural and arhictectural implications of the World Trade Center attack on the future of the world's cities?
The Guardian Unlimited
September 16, 2001, 8am PDT
The World Trade Center had been designed by the architect to survive a crash from a Boeing 707.
The Chicago Tribune
September 16, 2001, 6am PDT
Inspired by the Smart Growth concept, new high-rise apartment complexes are becoming common and springing up around single family homes.
The Washington Post
September 15, 2001, 10am PDT
Aaron Swirsky, part of the World Trade Center architectural team, discusses the design of the towers.
September 15, 2001, 9am PDT
Engineers inspecting damaged buildings in the vicinity of the collapsed World Trade Center find that they are not in danger of falling down.
The New York Times
September 15, 2001, 8am PDT
The University of Sydney's Department of Civil Engineering offers an in-depth engineering discussion of why WTC collapsed.
Utah Daily Herald
September 14, 2001, 1pm PDT
An interview with engineer Henry Guthard who worked with Minoru Yamasaki, the lead architect of the World Trade Center towers.
The New York Times
September 14, 2001, 12pm PDT
Architect Minoru Yamasaki had designed the World Trade Center towers to withstand a colliding jetliner. But 30 years after the construction of the towers, jetliners have grown in size.
The Washington Post
September 14, 2001, 10am PDT
An architect shares his first-hand perspective of the attack on the World Trade Center.
September 13, 2001, 12pm PDT
The attack on New York's World Trade Center has left a gap in the city's celebrated skyline.
The Seattle Times
September 13, 2001, 7am PDT
A professor of Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley presents his analysis of why the World Trade Center towers collapsed after being hit by jetliners. This article also provides an overview of the history and structural system of the towers.
September 13, 2001, 6am PDT
The World Trade Center towers were an icon of the most powerful city in the world. Was it a mistake to build these grand towers? No. Architecture captures the strength and power of the American idea.
September 12, 2001, 8am PDT
Fans of the most popular living artist, Thomas Kinkade, can now buy homes in a Vallejo suburb modeled after his art.
The San Francisco Chronicle