The new 100-unit, $40-million Star Apartments opened in Skid Row earlier this week is part of Los Angeles County’s Housing for Health initiative to house 10,000 of the most vulnerable homeless people.
Oct 11, 2014   Los Angeles Times
Architect and urban planner Andres Duany has been hired to plan a new town near Inverness, Scotland -- one that he assures will not resemble Seaside.
Sep 21, 2006   The Guardian
In a comparative study of English towns, one small village with a compact and walkable design has been shown to seem much larger to pedestrians than a comparable area in a big city -- mainly because there is more to see there.
Sep 21, 2006   Western Mail
In "L.A. the King of Sprawl, Not at All," Robert Bruegmann reports that Los Angeles is one of the densest areas in the country. His article reinforces the notion that L.A. is already a very dense place, but is it true?
Sep 20, 2006   Livable Places
Even as its economy improves, Cuba instructure is falling apart.
Sep 20, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
With small lots and small houses, one Florida home builder is taking an unconventional approach to developing affordable housing.
Sep 19, 2006   Bradenton Herald
The LEED green building standards may not be green enough, as critics voice concerns over some allowed materials and an apparent building industry influence.
Sep 19, 2006   L.A. Weekly
The waste generated from demolition, and the large floor space of many new eco-mansions, is an environmentally unfriendly result of the new green home trend.
Sep 18, 2006   LA Weekly
If voters approve a new school construction bond, plans call for eco-friendly school buildings to begin sprouting up all over Portland, Oregon.
Sep 18, 2006   The Oregonian
Architectural securitization measures around public buildings are going from temporary fixtures to permanent ones, and most are turning once-beautiful cities into military zones. Architecture critic Blair Kamin asks, is all of this necessary?
Sep 18, 2006   Capital Times (Madison)
Despite the security concerns after September 11th, skyscraper construction has continued in cities around the globe.
Sep 18, 2006   The Standard