Part funny, part amusing, and part just plain cool, goat towers are vertical structures with winding ramps that goats love to climb. They are also are “an idea whose time has come” according to a recent article in Modern Farmer.
Yesterday   Modern Farmer
Large housing developments popping up in Washington D.C. are gaining praise from the city's leadership for reinvigorating a once desolate area. But the developments are also garnering criticism for failing to weave residents in with the city.
Sep 6, 2006   The Washington Post
Americans are buying bigger homes and on average, to house fewer people. Ironically, their satisfaction in housing choice has eroded somewhat over the last twenty years.
Sep 5, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
Patt Morrison asks, what if everybody owned a McMansion?
Sep 4, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
High Point in West Seattle, the country's largest urban sustainable, mixed-income community, will be host to the first ever green living expo.
Sep 2, 2006   Yahoo! News
Having recently shown off its vibrant and dense downtown at the 2006 World Urban Forum, planners from around the world are looking to Vancouver as a model for sustainable urban planning.
Sep 1, 2006   New Matilda
A new book from the former editor of Dwell Magazine details the search for a stylish, modern urban home for around $100 a square foot.
Sep 1, 2006   The New York Times
The demolition of small homes and construction of mansions on the modest-sized lots is prompting a backlash in Southern California cities.
Sep 1, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
Joe Massaro simply wants to build an unrealized design for a spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright house. Along the way, he is learning that the merits of posthumous architect are controversial.
Aug 31, 2006   The Guardian
The editors of Travel + Leisure magazine released their annual list of best cities to visit.
Aug 30, 2006   Travel + Leisure
Big employers, developers, and cities are beginning to see the advantages of being eco-friendly.
Aug 30, 2006   The Los Angeles Times