The Chicago Plan Commission approved a 67-story residential high rise earlier this month, as the latest evidence of the city's changing skyline.
20 hours ago   Crain's Chicago Business
<p>Art critic Doug MacCash discusses everything NOLA with renowned architect and urban planner, Andres Duany.</p>
Dec 13, 2006   The Times Picayune
<p>Urban design, housing for homeless people, and planning for decreased population are highlighted in the New York Times Magazine's annual survey of innovative ideas.</p>
Dec 12, 2006   The New York Times
<p>World's tallest skyscrapers tend to top out just as economic growth cycles end. With megatowers in Taipei, Shanghai, and Dubai are nearing completion, will the "skyscraper curse" kick in yet again?</p>
Dec 12, 2006   Bloomberg News
<p>Land has been purchased for what will be Oakland's fourth cohousing project, a collection of about 33 housing units with an underlying purpose of cooperation and community. Similar community housing projects are cropping up across the country.</p>
Dec 12, 2006   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Using an understanding of how our environment sends messages to our brain and influences behavior, a number of new projects are redesigning public space in an attempt to way pedestrians and motorists interact.</p>
Dec 8, 2006   Seed Magazine
A resident of a touted New Urbanist development in San Diego, California, comments on its failure as a walkable community. Exclusive
Dec 7, 2006  By Diana DeRubertis
<p>A new film centers on the efforts of one determined inner-city resident to confront the architect who designed the low-income housing project she lives in with her family.</p>
Dec 6, 2006   The Village Voice
<p>For Sale: A spectacular apartment with 360 degrees views of Manhattan located on 5th Avenue next to Central Park. The asking price? A mere $70 million.</p>
Dec 4, 2006   The New York Times
<p>At several Baltimore area universities, construction managers learn to cut costs on the fly to cope with increasing construction costs.</p>
Dec 4, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
<p>The recent opening of Detroit's new modern art museum is a celebration of art and architecture for the everyday urbanist.</p>
Dec 4, 2006   The New York Times