Mindy Oliver is the art director for Planetizen.
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Mindy brings a unique blend of cutting edge entertainment print and web design to Urban Insight. An award-winning designer, she has 18 years of experience in web design, graphic design, print design, and illustration. She was formerly a commercial illustrator as well as a designer for several entertainment websites and magazines, and specializes in creating designs that are compelling, clean and functional. Mindy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Mindy also enjoys painting in watercolor and learning about wine.

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July 16, 2001, 11am PDT
A landscape architect develops innovative way to reclaim industrial sites, and preserve their heritage.
Garden Design Magazine
June 10, 2001, 10am PDT
Homes built with bales of straw are immune to earthquake and fire, and don't need air conditioning.
The Los Angeles Times
February 23, 2001, 11am PST
Ontario, CA police caught a planner accepting bribes. Now it looks more like a pervasive pattern of corruption.
The Los Angeles Times
February 8, 2001, 10am PST
The National Geographic chronicles the conversion of a dump to a thriving wetlands just minutes from New York.
National Geographic
January 31, 2001, 9am PST
The City of Maywood in Los Angeles is the most densely populated city in California. Chances are you've never heard of it.
The Los Angeles Times
June 9, 2000, 6am PDT
LA Weekly challenges Mayor Riordan and LAUSD's new Chief: Build new schools. Fast.
LA Weekly