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August 23, 2007, 9am PDT
<p>Cerritos, California, has become one of the more successful suburbs of Los Angeles by applying superb management techniques.</p>
The Economist
January 6, 2006, 7am PST
Despite public opposition, Stockholm is pushing ahead with implementation of congestion charging for a trial period.
August 25, 2005, 9am PDT
In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision on eminient domain, more and more Americans are concerned about their property rights.
The Economist
July 21, 2005, 8am PDT
For the second month in a row, developers have slowed down the pace of building new homes.
The Christian Science Monitor
June 26, 2005, 5am PDT
One of Israel's most unconventional planning professors looks back on his career as an outsider.
June 18, 2005, 9am PDT
The Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) releases their most recent update.
Institute for Transportation & Development Policy
June 17, 2005, 10am PDT
How the current housing boom ends could decide the course of the entire world economy over the next few years.
The Economist
June 17, 2005, 9am PDT
Charging drivers for the use of roads may be in the only way to slow the growth of urban traffic congestion.
The Guardian Unlimited
May 13, 2005, 7am PDT
A much needed makeover of New York's Washington Square Park may completely change the anything-goes tradition of this well-known urban space.
The New York Times
March 9, 2005, 6am PST
Brookings Institution report details 12 steps which are necessary for creating a successful revitalization strategy.
The Brookings Institution