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20 hours ago
Uber’s "Make My Train" app feature lets riders better plan journeys across modes.
Smart Cities Dive
With over $500 million in resources, the Partnership for the Bay’s Future is funding policy and affordable housing projects throughout the region.
The Mercury News
The city’s South Side residents need more transit options, but an extension of the Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line would be a costly and less effective alternative.
Chicago Tribune
Analysis of global greenhouse gas emissions data points to the sectors, activities, and countries that are the biggest contributors.
The City Fix
3 days ago
Severe flooding in these coastal areas will become the norm, but how to best address the environmental challenges is not entirely clear.
The New York Times
4 days ago
For one refugee family, living in Houston has meant facing a host of new challenges as they traverse the city’s roadways without a car.
Texas Monthly
4 days ago
Los Angeles has a parking problem—namely, too much of it—caused by minimum parking requirements.
Los Angeles Times
4 days ago
Under the new bill, the Highway Trust Fund would need more funding to get through the next five years.
Eno Transportation Weekly
4 days ago
Incessant honking just adds to the chaos on city streets, so Mumbai police put up a clever device to remind drivers that making noise will not ease traffic woes.
The New York Times
5 days ago
Cities have transformed in profound ways, but more recent changes were the last part of a series of technology waves.