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18 hours ago
Transit ridership is dropping, but a closer look at causes points to the role bike share could play in making transit a better option.
2 days ago
The Safe & the City app uses data to help women find the safest routes in cities.
2 days ago
As the world becomes more encased in concrete, the detrimental effects of its widespread use are increasing in scale and severity.
The Guardian
3 days ago
An analysis of retail data suggests that vehicle restrictions in the city center led to more sales and less emissions.
3 days ago
Improved light bulbs have led to huge decreases in residential energy use. Changes to federal standards, however, will likely stymie future progress.
The New York Times
4 days ago
A new analysis of inequality looks at where people go and how they spend their time.
5 days ago
The legislative quid pro quo is being used by members of the city council for the wrong reasons, leaving neighborhoods throughout the city in limbo.
The Inquirer /
6 days ago
Two generations ago, most children walked to school. But the numbers have dropped significantly.
Public Square: A CNU Journal
March 9, 2019, 5am PST
Singapore has ambitious plans for an autonomous public transportation system. New full-sized buses and an upcoming trial run will put the country closer to its goals.
March 8, 2019, 12pm PST
The urban landscape could change significantly as cities and transportation systems evolve. Planners are envisioning what that would mean for parking and what decisions need to be made now.
Digital Trends