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A lot of people think exclusively of plants when they hear the term landscape. Without a common language to effectively describe it, the role landscape plays in the urban realm will remain undervalued. Blog Post
May 1, 2015   By Mark Hough
The urban landscape has become increasingly important for cities striving to be taken seriously on the world stage. And while creating big parks is an obvious trend, getting the small moves right can be just as important. Blog Post
Jan 20, 2015   By Mark Hough
Only by better addressing issues of inequity can we create truly sustainable and livable communities. But is that even possible today? Blog Post
Dec 15, 2014   By Mark Hough
Design criticism bridges the gap between the process and product of design, and the public’s understanding and appreciation for it. But does it have to be all about architecture? Blog Post
Sep 27, 2014   By Mark Hough
Exploding housing costs and changing social attitudes are altering the demographics of established gay neighborhoods in several big cities. As communities become more fluid, do we risk losing their culture? Blog Post
Aug 11, 2014   By Mark Hough
Adrian Benepe was recently announced as the recipient of the 2014 Olmsted Medal. Like it or not, the well-deserved and appropriate recognition is one more in the seemingly endless list of honors for the transformation of New York's urban parks. Blog Post
Jul 1, 2014   By Mark Hough
The design of urban landscapes has become dominated by a growing call for them to be ecologically resilient. But isn't it important what they look like? Blog Post
May 31, 2014   By Mark Hough
The coveted creative class is in search of neighborhoods and communities with lots of character. Why are such places so hard to find? Maybe it is because we are trying too hard. Blog Post
Apr 20, 2014   By Mark Hough
You do not hear much talk about meaningful urbanism in the Southeast U.S. Until political winds shift, don't expect that to change. Blog Post
Mar 14, 2014   By Mark Hough
It is probably fair to say that most people think urban landscapes are at their best in the warm months. They may be right. But after a recent tromp through a frigid Manhattan, I am reminded how great cities can be in winter. Blog Post
Feb 10, 2014   By Mark Hough