Northampton County Blight Reversal & Remediation Plan

Lehigh Valley Planning Commission
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Allentown, PA
United States


The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) is accepting proposals for a one-time contract to perform certain professional consulting services work for Northampton County, PA. Proposals shall be submitted electronically via the PennBid Program no later than June 6, 2018, at 12 PM, EST. Documents related to this solicitation are available at no cost on PennBid (

The County of Northampton is 377.25 square miles and consists of two cities, seventeen townships and nineteen boroughs. The total population for this area is just under 300,000 residents. The 2016 American Community Survey estimates 41.8% of the households in Northampton County house one or more people age 60 or higher. This demographic of householder in Northampton County has been steadily climbing since 2009. With the population of householders aging, proper maintenance and repair of homes may become more difficult to those living there. Of all the households, in 24.9% the householder is living alone and 11.6% of them are people aged 65 or older. Recognizing that Northampton County has a 71.2% owner occupied rate, there are significant opportunities for blight to appear.

While the median household income of $60,097 is well above the PA state average, it is dramatically offset with 9.7% of the population living under poverty level. This large disparity in household economic situations creates a wide variety of housing stock and general neighborhood conditions throughout the County. The make-up of the County neighborhoods vary from rural, suburban and urban. This diverse economic and physical atmosphere presents a number of challenges and opportunities for a comprehensive blight reversal and remediation strategy.

The cities in the region have capacity and structure and are addressing blight issues independently and successfully. Many of the boroughs, suburban and rural townships, have varying capacities and may or  may not have the necessary preventative tools and systems to efficiently prevent, reverse or remediate  blight conditions. This can lead to the creation and proliferation of blight and neighborhood deterioration.

The following list outlines the main goals and objectives of this plan.

  • Define blight in a manner that is meaningful to the County.  This definition should exceed the State’s criteria of “Blighted Property” and be specific to the characteristics that are unique to Northampton County.
  • Develop a plan to assess blight on a municipal level. Once a definition is established, the consultant will assess areas that fit the criteria and create a blight inventory.
  • Identify tools to prevent blight and address existing blight.  These tools are listed in further detail in the “Deliverables” Section of this RFP.
  • Develop an implementation Plan. Create a plan that will help the County and municipalities use the tools that are created in a user friendly and effective way.
  • Improve communications with and establish coordination for plan implementation with local municipalities regarding distressed and blighted assets via the Countywide Blight Task Force.

Any questions or inquiries shall be submitted via the “Questions” feature within PennBid.

By Order of, Becky Bradley, Executive Director, 961 Marcon Blvd, Suite 310, Allentown, PA 18109, (610) 264-4544

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May 16, 2018 - 11:41am
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