Senior Transportation Planner

Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization
Honolulu, HI
United States
March 21, 2017
Professional Area: 
Transportation Planning
5-7 years
Salary Range: 
$67,000 ‐ $99,500

Conduct factfinding and analysis of transportation problems, issues, and policies.  Represent the OahuMPO in meetings with agencies and the public.  Coordinate planning activities with government agencies, private  sector, and the general public; write reports/letters/memos; and perform other duties as assigned. Supervise  and provide directions to planners in the conduct and development of the various activities of the  metropolitan planning process.  Oversee the development, update, and modification of the Transportation  Improvement Program and its related processes.

The ideal candidate would have knowledge of or experience with operating TransCAD travel demand forecasting models and analyzing model output.  Would also run the OahuMPO transportation forecasting models, including network coding, operating model software, and interpreting output data.

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