Coursera: Designing Cities

University of Pennsylvania School of Design/Coursera

Designing Cities is a survey of urban design ideas with examples drawn from across the world.  The online course runs for 10 weeks, with each week organized around a theme:  the evolution of cities, ideas that have shaped cities, tools for designing cities, making cities sustainable, cities in the information age, preserving older cities, designing new cities, districts and neighborhoods, the challenges of informal cities and disadvantaged neighborhoods, and visionary cities.  There are four or five modules to be viewed each week and three assignments for those who decide to seek a certificate of accomplishment.  Examples have been drawn from throughout the world. 

The course is designed for a broad audience of professionals, decision makers and citizens who wish to add to their knowledge of urban design.  It is free of charge. 

The course is sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, and taught by Gary Hack, Jonathan Barnett and Stefan Al, who have written about, taught and practiced urban design widely.  Other PennDesign faculty have also contributed modules.

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Published on:
October 7, 2013 - 12:00am
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