Terrain.org's "The Signal in the Noise" Issue Now Online

Terrain.org's "The Signal in the Noise" Issue Now Online

Terrain.org: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments

The editors of Terrain.org: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments are pleased to announce the launch of our 26th issue, "The Signal in the Noise," at http://www.terrain.org.

Issue No. 26 features a rich mix of literary and technical contributions, including the poetry, fiction, and nonfiction winners of our inaugural contest, the new "To Know a Place" feature, and more:


• Guest Editorial: "To Re-imagine the Place of Humans in the Natural World" by Kathleen Dean Moore, Founding Director, The Spring Creek Project for Ideas, Nature, and the Written Word
• The Literal Landscape: "Dirty Words on Mount St. Helens" with Photo Gallery by Simmons B. Buntin
• Plein Air: "Open Book, Field, Mind: Life Lessons Learned in Minneapollis" by Deborah Fries
• Bull Hill: "The WhaleKit Machine: On Tour with the Karelian Magicians of Glitch" by David Rothenberg
• A Stone's Throw: "Bedrock: Coming to a Language of Earth" by Lauret Savoy


• "A More Encompassing View of Human Flourishing" Terrain.org Interviews Author Alison Hawthorne Deming

To Know a Place

• "Setnet Fishing in Uyak Bay" Essay and Photographs by Sara Loewen, with Audio

UnSprawl Case Study

• MetroGreen Regional Greenway System in Kansas City, by Kendra Briechle and courtesy The Conservation Fund


• "Sinuous" by Elizabeth Dodd, 2010 Nonfiction Contest Winner
• "Kinds of Quiet" by Michael Palmer, 2010 Nonfiction Contest Finalist
• "Signal: Notes on the Desert" A Photo Essay with Prose by Gregory McNamee and Photography by Stephen Strom
• "Silent Hills" by Russ J. Van Paepeghem
• "Scope: Ten Small Essays" by John R. Campbell, with Photographs


• "Permaculture: Applying Ecology at Home" A Narrative Slideshow by Jolie Kaytes and Paul Charpentier
• "The Bard's Bird or The Slings and Arrows of Avicultural Hegemony: A Tragicomedy in Five Acts" by Charles Mitchell
• "Fire Season: The Policies of Identity and Suppression in the Burning Forests of the American West" by Bernard Quetchenbach
• "Walking to Work: Bringing Employment Centers Back to Neighborhoods" by Jay Hoekstra

ARTerrain Gallery

• "Sonic Antarctica" Digital, Tactile, and Acoustic Art from an Antarctica Excursion by Andrea Polli


• Laura-Gray Street : One Poem in Fifteen Parts with Audio : 2010 Poetry Contest Winner
• Reeves Keyworth : One Poem with Audio : 2010 Poetry Contest Finalist
• Sara Talpos : Three Poems with Audio : 2010 Poetry Contest Finalist
• Julie Hanson : Two Poems with Audio : 2010 Poetry Contest Finalist
• Tom Daley : Three Poems with Audio : 2010 Poetry Contest Finalist
• Davi Walders : Two Poems with Audio : 2010 Poetry Contest Finalist
• Ben Howard : Two Poems with Audio
• Cynthia Huntington : Three Poems
• Derek Sheffield : Five Poems with Audio
• Laurie Klein : One Poem with Audio
• Mary Cisper : One Poem with Audio
• Jason Myers : Two Poems with Audio
• E. Louise Beach : Three Poems with Audio
• Emily Wall : Three Poems with Audio
• Jeff Newberry : One Poem with Audio
• Nick Ripatrazone : Five Poems with Audio
• Sherry O'Keefe : Two Poems with Audio
• Eric Paul Shaffer : One Poem with Audio
• Jeffrey Thomson : Two Poems with Audio
• Francis Raven : One Poem with Audio
• Nickolas Butler : One Poem
• Paula Sergi : Two Poems
• Janine DeBaise : One Poem


• "Right of Way" by Andrew Wingfield, 2010 Fiction Contest Winner
• "Into the Lake" by Kevin Catalano, 2010 Fiction Contest Finalist
• "Wet Paper Grass" by Jasmon Drain, 2010 Fiction Contest Finalist
• "Precarious Things" by Debbie Weingarten
• "The Antarctic" Story and Photographs by Lucy Jane Bledsoe
• "Tracking Fire" by Frances Kerridge


• "The Hard and the Sweet": Wendy Burk Reviews Girl on a Bridge, Poems by Suzanne Frischkorn
• "Close to Home": Julie Wnuk Reviews The Circumference of Home: One Man's Quest for a Radically Local Life, by Kurt Hoelting
• "A Desert Urchin": Andrew C. Gottlieb Reviews Urchin to Follow, Poems by Dorine Jennette
• "A Girl and Her Dog Consider the Storm": Jennifer McStotts Reviews The Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate Change: A Complete Visual Guide, by Juliane L. Fry, Hans-F Graf, Richard Grotjahn, Marilyn Raphael, Clive Saunders, and Richard Whitaker

View our dynamic new issue at http://www.terrain.org.

Posted October 14, 2010

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