CP&DR Launches New Web Site At WWW.CP-DR.COM

California Planning & Development Report

California Planning & Development Report has launched a new web site at www.cp-dr.com with all new features and information for planners, developers, lawyers, and others interested in land-use planning and development in California. The web site also provides advertising and sponsorship opportunities for the first time.

"We've turned the entire editorial process upside-down to give our readers more than ever before," said William Fulton, CP&DR's publisher. "We'll be posting blogs and stories almost every day so readers will get the latest news."

CP&DR is the leading publication covering land-use planning and development issues in California. Under the new format, www.cp-dr.com will have more information than ever before, including:

• Breaking news by CP&DR staff on court cases, legislation, and other land-use planning matters in California.

• Blogs by Editor Paul Shigley and Publisher William Fulton almost every day.

• Access to more than 1,500 archived articles.

• Links to other planning resources in California.

Web-site visitors will be able to choose from a variety of options, including:

• Blogs available for free to all readers.
• Articles available for purchase individually
• Annual subscriptions for both hard-copy and online editions
• Discounted multiple subscriptions for large organizations with many readers.

In addition, www.cp-dr.com will offer several sponsorship and advertising opportunities including:

• Banner advertisements available on a quarterly basis
• Announcements and job ads available on an individual basis

CP&DR subscribers receive a 15% discount on sponsorships and advertisements. Prospective advertisers can contact William Fulton at (805) 643-7700, extension 105, or bfulton@solimar.org.

Founded in 1986, CP&DR is often described as "required reading" for planning and development in California. The primary audience is public sector planners, planning consultants, developers, and land-use lawyers in California.

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For more information contact:

Bill Fulton
California Planning & Development Report
35 S. Ventura Ave.
CA 93001

Phone: 805-643-7700
Fax: 805-643-7782
Email: bfulton@solimar.org
Web: http://www.cp-dr.com

Published on:
May 22, 2007 - 9:07am
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