To Build Or Not To Build

To Build Or Not To Build

Planning Commissioners Journal

In the Winter issue of the Planning Commissioners Journal, readers get an inside look at how developers use the proforma in making their financial analysis. Through use of a hypothetical case study, real estate economist Wayne Lemmon provides an introduction to this important tool.

"Understanding the basics of the business of development, like understanding the basics of site plans, traffic analysis, and other essential tools used in the field of planning and development," Lemmon notes, is important to being an "informed and effective citizen planner."

Whatever your viewpoint on development, this article will give you valuable insights into issues developers face in evaluating a potential project's feasibility -- and profitability.

Also in our Winter issue, transportation planner Hannah Twaddell reports on the growing interest in walkable communities. The benefits, as Twaddell explains, involve more than just good health. Businesses and local leaders are recognizing the economic rewards that having a pedestrian-friendly community can bring.

Both articles can be ordered and immediately downloaded from our PlannersWeb site:

Take a look also at the new PCJ +plus blog. You'll find conversations with both Wayne Lemmon and Hannah Twaddell about their articles. More features will be regularly posted. Check it out at:

For those not familiar with us, the Planning Commissioners Journal (the "PCJ") is an independent, quarterly publication with a readership of over 7,500 in all 50 states. It is designed primarily for citizen planners, including members of local, county, and regional planning boards.

Trial subscriptions are available through our PlannersWeb site. Go to: -- and use our subscription link.

Related Link: PCJ +plus blog --- conversations with Lemmon and Twaddell on proformas and walkable communities

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Posted February 8, 2007

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