The Intelligent Marketplace The Intelligent Marketplace magnifies millions of "responsible buyers" and "ethical shoppers" and aims their portion of the $141 billion dollar e-commerce industry to companies that support positive environmental and social practices. provides buyers with unbiased, trusted and delightfully simple to use information concerning the environmental, social and ethical performance of today's well-known companies. Buyers count on for brand name, high quality, competitively priced products made by companies that match their individual concerns for social and environmental responsibility. has a simple business goal: "to make it convenient and easy for busy shoppers to make purchase decisions based upon price, quality and value for their money as well as the environmental, social and ethical performance of companies." In practical terms, meets the needs of today's informed shoppers by providing a simple way to get accurate, comprehensive information on the non-financial performance and social values of the companies they empower with their purchases. helps consumers identify businesses that are:
working to protect our environment,
using clean manufacturing techniques,
reducing our dependency on foreign oil,
adopting reusable energy,
refusing sweatshop labor,
engaging in initiatives that support our local communities

By matching buyers with companies that share their concerns, millions of individual purchases processed by will magnify the collective economic leverage of caring, aware buyers and provide tangible incentives for businesses to evolve toward more balanced, sensible and sustainable business practices. With, buyers are assured that the everyday items they purchase are made by companies that are working to create a better world. is an inclusive, inviting people-powered community and meeting ground, open to all political viewpoints. encourages individuals to work together to dialogue and inspire each of us to learn about our role in fostering responsible business practices. alonovo provides a forum for consumers to act together on the important challenges we face as we work to create a socially and environmentally sound future. your purchases help shape a better world!

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For more information contact:

George Polisner
16002 North 54th Street
Arizona 85254

Phone: 602.494.5455
Fax: 646.349.1711
Email: [email protected]

Posted June 30, 2005

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