Navicat (MySQL Front end) 6.0.7 is released!!

Navicat (MySQL Front end) 6.0.7 is released!!


Navicat is a MySQL database administrator and development tool. Navicat 2004 is added with many new features include data import from ODBC, batch job scheduling (create schedule for Import/Export, Data Transfer and saved queries), printing of table structure and support MySQL 5.0 Alpha. Other great features including Visual Query Builder, Import/ Export, Report Builder, Backup and Data Transfer. It has an intuitive Access-like graphical interface and available in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Latest version is 6.0.7 with SSH connection feature added.

Major Features :
- SSH Tunnel
- support importing data from ODBC

- support editing text in Blob field

- support to print table structure

- support to create schedule for Import/Export, Data Transfer and saved queries. (similar as schedule backup feature)
- support to create Report Archive from command line
- support MySQL 4.1.x and MySQL 5.0 Alpha (support stored procedure)
- Support Multiple Connections for local or remote MySQL servers
- Browse your databases
- Create and delete databases, tables, indexes and users
- Modify your data
- Create or Run SQL queries with visual query builder
- Create reports with visual report builder

- Report Archive Feature - Reports can be saved as an archive file (.raf) for backup and increased portability.
- Manage user privileges [security configuration]
- Backup/Restore your database
- Import/Export data ( It supports up to 18 most popular formats including MS Access, MS Excel, XML, PDF and TXT. )
- Schedule Backup - The new Schedule Backup feature is used to create a new schedule that will backup your data.
- Data Transfer - Support transfer databases from one MySQL server to another MySQL server (1. Local to Remote , 2. Remote to Remote, 3. Remote to Local)
- create Schedule for Import/Export wizard
- create Schedule for Saved Queries
- Foreign Keys - Support to configure Foreign Keys
- Unicode Support

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For more information contact:

kevin cheung
102, wt building, hk
Hong Kong

Phone: 24882882
Email: [email protected]

Posted July 26, 2004

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