Buy Rick Pruetz's New Book on TDRs

Buy Rick Pruetz's New Book on TDRs

California Planning & Development Report

In an update of his classic book SAVED BY DEVELOPMENT, Rick Pruetz, AICP -- America's leading TDR practitioner -- provides a comprehensive overview of TDRs, as well as the down-and-dirty basics that any jurisdiction considering implementing a TDR system must know.

BEYOND GIVINGS AND TAKINGS can now be purchased online at -- or by calling (805) 643-7700. It offers a progress report on most of the 112 TDR programs profiled in Pruetz's 1997 book -- plus case studies of some 30 additional programs!

In addition, Beyond Takings and Givings provides a step-by-step guide to creating a TDR program and addresses the most commonly asked questions on this topic, including

· What is a TDR system?

· How did the TDR concept evolve?

· What can TDRs accomplish?

· What are TDR's advantages and disadvantages?

· How do you make a TDR system work?

· How does a TDR compare to other implementation tools?

Beyond Givings and Takings sets a new standard for understanding and implementing

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Posted April 1, 2003

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