New Issue of -- Ocean's Edge -- Now Online

New Issue of -- Ocean's Edge -- Now Online A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments

Issue No. 12 of A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments, is now online at This issue features:

* Guest Editorial by Julie Packard, Executive Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium

* UnSprawl case study: Rosemary Beach, Florida

* Articles: "The Great Barrier Reef: Will It Still Be Great Next Century?", "Restoring Abundance in the Seas," "On the Ocean's Edge: EPA's Oceans and Coastal Waters Programs," and "The Black and White Beach"

* Essays: "Fishness: An Excerpt from Reefscape: Reflections on the Great Barrier Reef" by Rosaleen Love, an interview by with Rosaleen Love, "The River's Tongue" by David Berridge, "The Leapfrogging Pool" by Lad Moore, "Sending Letters to Mother" by Janet Riehl, and "Ocean Grove" by Joel McEachern

* Poetry by John Elsberg, Walt McDonald, Diane Raptosh, Christopher Mulrooney, Peter Steward Richards, Robert Lietz, Patricia Ranzoni, and David Ritchie

* Fiction by Eva Salzman, Nan Leslie, and Michael J. Vaughn

* Reviews of Jill Fredston's Rowing to Latitude: Journeys Along the Arctic Edge, Peter Huggins's Blue Angels: Poems, and the CD Grooved Whale by Lisa Walker.

* ARTerrain gallery: Lynn Small and Dennis Paul's Long Island/Hamptons Portfolio

* Regular columns, news of note, and much more.

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For more information contact:

Simmons Buntin A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments
P.O. Box 31723
AZ 85751

Phone: 520-241-7390
Email: [email protected]

Posted September 10, 2002

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