Justice is the only way to Peace on the Planet

Justice is the only way to Peace on the Planet

Doesn't the U.S. taxpayer give $11 billion to this corrupt organization annually?

Why has Palestinian terror against Israel NEVER been investigated? Yet the United Nations rushes to call emergency "security council" meeting after meeting when Israel defends itself?

The United Nations must be held accountable. The world cannot be silent and continue to let this organization assume a position of world leadership, using our tax money to support it, with its center location in New York City, while continually declaring a political war against Israel and supporting terror against Israel (see petition detailed facts.)

If the United Nations is to be reflecting the values of peace, justice and unity, we must gain momentum and grow in numbers to reflect our disgust with the present betrayal of these common human values.

Confronted with evidence of illegal Palestinian mines, mortars and missiles, no U.N. official questioned how it was that bomb factories could exist in U.N.-managed refugee camps. Either the U.N. officials were unaware of the bomb factories -- a fact that would suggest utter incompetence -- or more likely, the U.N. employees simply turned a blind eye. www.rootofevil.com


For more information contact:

barbara davis

new york
ny 10019

Phone: 212 5502632
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/303588867

Posted May 22, 2002

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