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Austin, TX
United States
Professional Areas: 
Community Engagement
Landscape Architecture
Sustainability Planning
Urban Design

Code Studio is looking for an urban design associate with 2 to 5 years of working experience. Ideal candidates will hold a Masters Degree in Urban Design. A background in architecture and planning is also necessary.


Code Studio is a planning and urban design firm that helps communities across the country prepare and implement new zoning that supports higher densities and improved walkability.

Right now, we are working with the City of Los Angeles to replace their 1946 zoning code, impacting almost 4 million people and 500 square miles of land. In Detroit, we have recently been hired to update the city’s zoning regulations and to streamline the code to help facilitate development activity in key areas throughout the city. And in Milwaukee, we are integrating a new form-based code into the existing zoning structure to help support an expanding downtown streetcar system.

For more information about Code Studio, check out our company website at www.code-studio.com


Love of Cities: Vibrant urban places bring you joy (not that you don’t also appreciate places outside the city!). Your passion is to engage in meaningful work making cities better places to live.

Eager to Learn: What we do is not taught. You are eager to learn from our experience in communities across the US and internationally. You follow the profession and visit new places. You’re eager to apply “best practice” to real situations.

Attention to Detail: Even when chaos is happening all around you, nothing falls through the cracks. Your I’s get dotted and your T’s get crossed. You make notes and get things done. You have the patience for detailed work.

Communication: You communicate in a creative, visual way. You know how to make a document communicate concepts clearly, yet with style. 

Skills: You bring your experience in planning, architecture, landscape architecture or urban design everywhere you go. You can use SketchUp, GIS, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. 


Planning/Urban Design: We think big. The future of our cities is more than just an incremental improvement on today – it is a transformational change. We need your design and creative problem-solving skills to help us work with the public and our client communities to prepare visionary urban design plans and form-based codes.

Coding: Our clients need your help. Preparing new zoning is a daunting task. We provide our clients the tools they need to implement their vision. We make them easy on the eyes, easy to read, and easy to administer.

First Impression: You can lay out a page that belongs in a magazine. Your passion for cities inspires others.

In the Office: We know you’ll be flexible in helping us respond to the needs of our small office. Whether it’s responding to client requests, dealing with the public, or just taking out the trash, you’ll be there with us to make our clients happy.

Compensation: Salary is negotiable, but includes health insurance, paid time off and holidays, as well as an annual performance bonus.


What would you bring to the firm? Tell us about your skills and passion. Send your thoughts, your resume and a portfolio (or link to one). Let us know your salary expectations. No calls please. . .

Code Studio is an equal opportunity employer.

Published on:
July 5, 2018 - 9:44am
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