Entitlement Project Manager

OC Parks

Irvine, CA

Experience Level: Mid-Level

AICP Certification: AICP Preferred

Salary: $62,628.80 - $124,467.20 Annually

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OC Parks is seeking a strong leader to serve as an Entitlement Project Manager (Administrative Manager I) within the Entitlement Division reporting to the OC Parks Entitlement Division Manager (Administrative Manager II). The Entitlement Project Manager is responsible for helping to ensure that the mission of preserving and enhancing OC Parks’ natural and cultural resources for recreation, education, and exploration is upheld by providing a comprehensive and timely review of third-party development proposals. The Entitlement Project Manager serves as a first point of contact for external parties seeking to implement projects on or adjacent to County parkland and is a subject matter expert on a wide variety of land use, planning, and real estate-related issues. Additionally, the Entitlement Project Manager serves as a liaison between internal OC Parks working groups and other County agencies including County Counsel, County Executive Office / Real Estate, and OC Public Works.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reviewing third-party development proposals to ensure that work is performed in a manner that is compatible with OC Parks’ mission and goals and is consistent with park planning documents including General Development Plans (GDPs) and Resource Management Plans (RMPs).
  • Developing real estate instruments including easements, leases, and licenses.
  • Analyzing and facilitating transactions, related to land use, including real property, acquisitions, dispositions, regulatory, memoranda of understanding, agreements, etc.
  • Representing OC Parks while working collaboratively with internal and externals stakeholder groups at all levels including US Fish & Wildlife, US Army Corps of Engineers, Caltrans, CA Fish & Wildlife, CA Coastal Commission, OC Transportation Authority, OC Fire Authority, Coastal Greenbelt Authority, neighboring cities, water and sanitation districts, developers, homeowner associations, and others.
  • Contributing to the application and ongoing development of land use policy documents including acquisitions, encroachments, etc.
  • Preparing and presenting to OC Parks advisory bodies, OC Parks and County leadership, other government agencies, and staff at large meetings/trainings, etc.
  • Serve as OC Parks alternate on the County’s Subdivision Committee.
  • Weekend work may be needed and, as such, the ability to work during the weekend is required.  

The ideal candidate will have three (3) or more years of significant and progressively responsible experience in planning, land use, entitlements, development of agreements/real estate instruments, real estate-related issues, or other closely related fields.
The ideal candidate will also have experience in all of the following areas:

  • Review and interpretation of land/park use and planning documents.
  • Interaction and coordination with regulatory agencies, including Federal and State Fish and Wildlife, Army Corps of Engineers, and California Coastal Commission for the purposes of land use reviews.
  • Interaction and coordination with transportation, fire, and other government/allied agencies for the purposes of land use reviews.
  • Development of land use instruments with third parties (i.e., permits, easements, leases, and/or licenses).

American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) certification is a plus. Preferred Bachelor's degree in Urban/Regional Planning, Real Estate, Parks/Recreation Management, Legal Studies, or a closely related discipline.
In addition, the ideal candidate will possess knowledge and experience in the following core competencies:
Technical Expertise

  • Demonstrating thorough knowledge of entitlement/land use review and permitting processes.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of real estate processes including acquisitions and dispositions.
  • Analyzing real estate instruments including easements, leases, licenses, and other contractual languages.
  • Demonstrating familiarity with natural resources/wildland open space management principles, including habitat restoration and mitigation best practices.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of wildland fire/vegetation management best practices, i.e., defensible space/fuel modification zone requirements.
  • Utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to complete site research tasks.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
  • Demonstrating knowledge of conservation plans such as the Natural Communities Conservation Plan (NCCP) and the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).
  • Expertly facilitating and coordinating projects, providing project leadership, advice and recommendations, technical direction and expertise, ability to evaluate progress, and resolution of issues related to project areas or work assignments.
  • Applying functional knowledge/skills to solve problems and reach sound solutions.

Effective Communication and Leadership

  • Demonstrating effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Interacting effectively with other government agencies, public and private partners, community leaders, customers, and the general public.
  • Effectively facilitating and moving projects forward in an expeditious manner.
  • Presenting ideas and complex material clearly, concisely, logically, and persuasively both orally and in writing.
  • Effectively working with stakeholders and interested parties to achieve consensus that benefits and/or protects OC Parks.
  • Readily and routinely sharing technical knowledge with others.
  • Aligning organizational vision with County strategic goals and department business objectives.
  • Using creativity and innovation in achieving business objectives and making suggestions for improvements.
  • Applying own expertise to add value to the organization.
  • Building effective working relationships inside and outside the organization.
  • Exhibiting courage to take action by tackling difficult challenges.

Planning and Organization

  • Planning, prioritizing work and managing time effectively, handling multiple projects simultaneously, effectively, and meeting deadlines consistently.
  • Communicating any project delays well in advance and allocating sufficient time to strategize to minimize delay impacts.
  • Demonstrating an aptitude for critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making.
  • Demonstrating strong organizational skills with attention to detail.

 Please click here to learn about the minimum qualifications including the physical and mental requirements as well as the environmental conditions for the Administrative Manager I classification.

Posted January 20, 2023, 10:57 AM PST

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