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Senior Landscape Architect/Planner

City of Boulder (Open Space and Mountain Parks)
Boulder, CO
United States
Professional Areas: 
Community Engagement
Land-Use Management
Landscape Architecture
Other topics
Experience Level: 
$79,847.00 - $121,561.00

Service Excellence for an Inspired Future

The City of Boulder is a great place to live, work, grow and play.

Forty-five thousand acres of land around Boulder provide for protection of large ecosystems and wildlife corridors. These unique public lands conserve nature and create a green belt around the city. Interwoven between the downtown and Boulder’s backcountry are over 300 miles of dedicated trails and bikeways, which shows Boulder’s commitment to valuing active lifestyles and providing access to nature. With world class restaurants and art and music venues, the City of Boulder values diverse culture.

Respect is one of our five City Values (including Customer Service, Collaboration, Integrity and Innovation) and we are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. We celebrate and support our differences across all spectrums, including but not limited to ethnicity, gender, age, disability and sexuality. Through our focus on Racial Equity, our employee benefits, and the many programs resources we offer our staff, we continually strive to weave respect for one another into the fabric of our organization. 

Add your voice and talents to the City of Boulder and help us grow in service excellence for an inspired future.

Overview of Role

The Senior Landscape Architect/Planner will work collaboratively across teams to develop innovative and strategic solutions. With other staff, City departments, and regional partners, this position plays a pivotal role in crafting and integrating policy guiding the stewardship of natural, cultural, scenic, agricultural and recreational land management. This role also helps craft on-the-ground design and stewardship solutions that advance all City Charter purposes for open space. Consensus building is a key function, as is project management for a range of environmental planning and design projects, including site plans, area plans, resource and visitor experience plans, and smaller design projects. The Senior Landscape Architect/Planner will also drive an integrated approach to implementation projects that include ecosystem restoration, habitat conservation, visitor management, recreation infrastructure, and other capital improvement projects. As part of the leadership team for the Planning and Design Services workgroup, this role also supports coordinated short- and long-term work planning, staffing and training needs, cost estimating and quality control.

Example responsibilities/ Highlights of job

  • System-wide environmental planning and design projects (20%): This position will lead projects that involve collaborative and solution-oriented policy-making and strategic planning for land management of a 45,000 acre system, as well as prioritization and system-wide decision-making to support the integration of all open space values including ecosystem health and resilience; agriculture; responsible recreation, stewardship and enjoyment; community connections, education and inclusion; and financial sustainability.
  • Integrated area and site-planning (30%): For discrete, geographic locations, corridors or regions within the larger OSMP system like habitat blocks, creeks, wildlife corridors, trailheads, regional trails, , area planning and site planning projects integrate and help translate broader guidance into actionable, coordinated workplans and the department’s capital and maintenance budgets.
  • Conceptual and schematic design (20%): Projects at this scale also integrate all open space values while bringing further definition to the specific ways site management projects will look, feel and function over time in a dynamic natural lands context.
  • Design development through construction observation (20%): This position will coordinate closely with other workgroups, departments, contractors and other stakeholders to lead or support permitting and project delivery on a range of capital improvements for both built and natural infrastructure.
  • Staff supervision and coaching (10%): The senior landscape architect/planner will supervise and mentor 1-2 planning and design staff.
  • Environmental leadership: This position offers the chance to help lead the department in how we address the global climate crisis through improvements in our choice of materials, siting, construction practices and other methods that improve resilience.


Key Skills or Competencies:

  • Clear understanding of environmental stewardship and operations:
    • Advancing landscape-scale conservation and restoration;
    • Maintaining a working knowledge of wildlife movement, habitat requirements, soil conditions, water, native plants, weed management, agricultural systems and ecosystem resilience;
    • Engaging with scientists and data to develop sound analysis and recommendations.
  • Experience facilitating connections with nature:
    • Developing policy and management practices that inspire collective stewardship;
    • Designing outdoor gathering areas, trailheads, trails, viewpoints, signs or other nature-based opportunities;
    • Applying best practices and social science regarding visitor use and experience, designed landscapes and accessibility
  • Integrating planning, design, and implementation:
    • Knowledge of principles, practices, and trends in natural and cultural resource planning, outdoor recreation and park design;
    • Ability to develop and understand design concepts, life-cycle cost estimates, construction documents, technical specifications and general conditions;
    • Developing fiscally-constrained recommendations.
  • Demonstrated consensus-building with a broad range of stakeholders, partners, members of the public and decision makers:
    • Facilitating productive dialogue and structured decision-making;
    • Desire and ability to make public presentations and work with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities;
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to maintain effective working relationships with business contacts, the public, consultants and employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Project management:
    • Ability to plan, manage and monitor the effectiveness of both planning and design projects, including scope, schedule, budget, change and quality management;
    • Ability to recognize needs, assess possible methods to meet needs, and act on solutions;
    • Demonstrated verbal, written and graphic communication skills, including report writing, oral and graphic presentation techniques.
  • Leading and supporting others with emotional intelligence:
    • Motivating, developing, and directing people as they work;
    • Ability to notice, interpret, and anticipate others’ concerns and feelings, and to communicate this awareness empathetically to others.
    • Actively listens to concerns and is open to the ideas of colleagues and customers.

Minimum requirements

  • Demonstrated experience with some, but not all of following; environmental planning and design, land management planning, restoration projects, construction management, recreation planning, resource management, public engagement, or a combination of experience and education covering these fields.
  • Valid driver’s license and Acceptable motor vehicle record.
  • Acceptable background information including criminal conviction record and credit history.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Licensure to practice landscape architecture in the state of Colorado, or the ability to receive it within one year of hiring.
  • Ability to use CAD and Adobe suite for planning, design and implementation
  • Working knowledge of GIS preferred, but not essential.
  • Ability to communicate in both English and Spanish.

What you will learn and accomplish:

  • Learning about Boulder’s 120-year legacy of land conservation and stewardship;
  • Advancing the field of environmental planning and landscape architecture in public lands management;
  • Finding innovative ways to address the climate crisis here and now with sustainable and resilient focused solutions.

The City of Boulder provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, genetic information, age, or any other status protected under federal, state, and/or local law.

Published on:
February 13, 2020 - 2:34pm
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