Regional Planner

Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning
Los Angeles, CA
United States
Professional Areas: 
Code Enforcement
Community Engagement
Land-Use Management
Public Policy
Regional Planning
Zoning Administration
Experience Level: 
Entry Level
AICP Certification: 
$69,930.72 - $86,869.20

Participates in planning studies, analyses and research; communicates with the public concerning planning issues, and engages in other planning and zoning activities.

This is the journey level in the Regional Planning Assistant class series. Positions allocated to this class receive technical and administrative supervision from a planning supervisor, and are assigned duties in a planning section, such as the issuance of zoning permits, land divisions, land use regulatory enforcement, plan review, geographic information systems, and research studies, for which they are expected to carry out their assignments independently; or be responsible for an element of a specialized research or planning study.

All duties assigned require familiarity with basic planning concepts, the content of local general plans, planning and zoning laws; and the application of planning techniques.  Incumbents of the class must communicate and present planning concepts, ideas and theories, and the County's planning policies and administrative procedures to the public, orally and in writing.


  • Participates in the research, writing, and public discussion regarding the adoption of the County's general plan, area, coastal, community, and neighborhood plans, and other specialized plans and studies.
  • Participates in the research and drafting of zoning, subdivision, and other land use regulations.
  • Participates in the analysis of complex planning problems, the preparation of population and other planning projections, public property acquisitions and disposal, highway alignments, housing needs, and parking studies.
  • Responds in writing or orally to inquiries from the public on General Plan policy, and subdivision and zoning regulations.
  • Processes applications for subdivisions, zone changes, variances, and conditional use permits.
  • Evaluates applications for consistency with General Plan policy, and compliance with zoning and subdivision regulations.
  • Conducts field inspections, prepares staff reports and public notices, coordinates with other public agencies, and follows all other necessary procedures for public hearings.
  • Analyzes, reviews and prepares environmental documents including Initial Studies, Negative Declarations, and both the draft and final versions of the Environmental Impact Reports.
  • Explains County and State environmental regulations to the general public and project applicants.
  • Investigates and analyzes property ownership, recorded property ownership and zoning histories; gathers and consolidates data from public records and other sources to assist in the development of written staff reports in support of recommendations for official action.
  • Investigates violations of zoning regulations, and discusses alleged violations with property owners, the District Attorney, and other enforcement agencies, and may make court appearances.
  • Prepares and makes oral presentations of planning development applications, zoning and other planning related information to the Regional Planning Commission, and civic, community, governmental, professional, and other interest groups.
  • Prepares graphics, exhibits, maps, and other audio-visual illustrations to present findings and critical issues of planning studies in support of the department's recommendations.
  • Uses computer programs or planning applications to prepare reports, maps, spreadsheets, data bases and/or graphics in carrying out planning activities.
Published on:
June 11, 2019 - 7:46am
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