Neighborhood Planner/Planning Analyst

City of Topeka (KS)
Topeka, KS
United States
Professional Areas: 
Land-Use Management
Urban Design
Experience Level: 
AICP Certification: 

The City of Topeka (population 127,000) is looking for a genuinely committed neighborhood planner to carry on our strong neighborhood planning tradition in the Planning and Development Department.

This position would be in the Department’s Planning Division responsible for developing and updating Comprehensive Plan elements including detailed professional neighborhood/area plans and the City’s Land Use and Growth Management Plan. 

The position will lead the City’s strong urban neighborhood planning tradition which involves extensive collaboration with citizens and public agencies. All neighborhood plans are programmed for funding through the City’s SORT/CIP programs for infrastructure and housing improvements. The position will also be the Department’s lead planning analyst responsible for presenting census, demographic, building permit, housing, subdivision, and neighborhood performance metrics including our long-standing Neighborhood Health Maps and new Development and Growth Management reports presented to City Council.

Other duties include managing the City’s updated Neighborhood Revitalization Program for tax rebates, ensuring compliance with Neighborhood Conservation District design standards, and responding to public zoning inquiries as needed.

We expect the successful candidate will build upon many of the Division’s recent accomplishments which include our award-winning Land Use and Growth Management Plan 2040, Bikeways and Pedestrian Master Plans, Complete Street Guidelines, Neighborhood Conservation Districts, and Non-Residential Building Design Standards. Topeka is the Capital of the State of Kansas rich with history, diverse neighborhoods, and economic momentum including a major public/private partnership for the revitalization of Topeka’s historic Downtown.

Full position details and the City of Topeka employment application available at

Published on:
February 19, 2019 - 10:47am
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