ULI Northwest Arkansas District Coordinator

Urban Land Institute Northwest Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR
United States
Experience Level: 
AICP Certification: 
Not required


ULI Northwest Arkansas District Council Coordinator should have a passion for urban planning and possess a strong background in policy advocacy, real estate development, land use policy and communications. The District Council Coordinator's overall responsibility will include overseeing the growth and development of the ULI NWA satellite under the guidance of the Walton Family Foundation Capacity Building Grant. 
The WFF Capacity Building Grant includes specific goals to be met over a three-year period; many of which will be the responsibility of the District Coordinator. This includes the development of a Strategic Plan for the District Council. Depending on the timing of this position, the ULI NWA District Council Coordinator will actively participate in the creation of the Strategic Master Plan and ultimately its implementation. The Strategic Plan is likely to include goals in the following areas: 

  • Membership growth
  • Program development to support policy advocacy objectives, professional development and membership growth
  • Working directly with key real estate and land use stakeholders to build relationships and establish ULI NWA as the leading voice on real estate and land use planning in Northwest Arkansas
  • Social events highlighting the efforts of ULI members in the region
  • Collaborating with partnering organizations for networking, issue advocacy, and coalition building
  • Marketing and social media goals
  • Management of contract employees as additional revenue allows

Other Key Requirements:

  • Working closely with the ULI Oklahoma District Council Manager, ULI NWA Chair, Programs Chair, volunteers, and other committees
  • Submitting necessary budget and financial documents to WFF and ULI Oklahoma

The District Council Coordinator is a contract position within the Oklahoma District Council, serving as the liaison between the NWA satellite and ULI Oklahoma, ensuring that all work is consistent with ULl's policies and procedures, and that NW/l;s goals and objectives are met and ULl's mission is carried forth. 
Due to the nature of the position with a non-profit organization, the Coordinator must be highly motivated, detail oriented, well-organized, and have a passion and ability to guide and support professionals involved in the District Council's program of work. The Coordinator needs to be courteous and friendly as the face of ULI and the District Council. The District Council Coordinator has a flexible work style and needs to have a familiarity with the metropolitan areas within the Northwest Arkansas region. The position is held in Northwest Arkansas. 

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Works closely with the ULI Oklahoma District Council Manager to formalize the structure and body of work for the NWA satellite (Formalize Management team, Sponsorship campaign, volunteer committees, etc.).
  • Maintains administrative, financial and office operations of the satellite, including membership, sponsorship, programs, communications and community outreach.
  • Support the Chair and Management Committee in its administration, leadership development, and biannual succession.
  • Assist Program Chair in managing all logistical aspects of planning, communicating, and implementing regional and statewide programs.
  • Work with various other ad hoc committees created for special projects.
  • Develop and implement community outreach initiatives that align with the ULI mission and the District Council's strategic plan according to the deliverables set forth in the WFF Grant.
  • Interface with committees to ensure individual assignments are accomplished between committee meetings.
  • Attend Executive Board and committee meetings, produce minutes, and disseminate to committee members and ULI staff.
  • Prepare event collateral including: agendas, speaker bios, PowerPoint presentations.
  • Develop strategies and systems that ensure the success of organizing multiple events and meetings.
  • Develop programs and practices to recruit, satisfy and retain volunteer members involved in all local programs, committees and other activities.
  • Manage and maintain day-to-day District Council operations including but not limited to managing files, databases, records, calendars, and inventories.
  • Access records from ULl's database to generate labels, reports, meeting rosters, badges, etc.
  • Receive and answer phone/email inquiries from members and prospects.
  • Perform various administrative duties and special projects as required as part of the District Council team.
  • Oversee and process all District Council expenses, including submitting all money received for event registration, sponsorship, etc.
  • Track actual revenue and expenses to budget on a monthly basis and meet monthly with the Management Committee to review financial performance.
  • Prepare the annual ULI Northwest Arkansas operating budget in coordination with committees and staff.
  • Oversee the events and growth of ULI Northwest Arkansas.
Published on:
December 27, 2018 - 9:51am
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